no dairy for adhd children


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Heres a quistion.I have a sister who believes in all natural remidies.She dont even go to a real she gave me this book and its suppose to have cures for everything and what it said about adhd is no dairy,and give a candida cleanse.has any one else heard of that and if so what is a candida cleanse.the book was called natural cures.And if any one has tryed that please let me know.....


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There are a few different diets on the market for adhd. One is the Feingold diet.

The other is a Gluten/Casein free diet, which is what you are asking about.

It is theorized that children with adhd issues have food intolerances. Candida is yeast that is in our bodies naturally, but too much sugars/milk proteins can cause a build of of yeast in our bodies and cause adverse reactions.

I would always try a dietary program first to see if this helps. You can consult with a nutritionist, if you feel the need. If your sister is knowledgeable in this area and can help, that is wonderful, but I would still suggest you continue with your treating pediatrician for your children.

I started my daughter on the Feingold diet and had a good outcome.


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I have not tried the candida cleanse. We are doing the gluten free/casein free diet and my daughter's ADHD issues are much better.


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Yes, there seems to be a correlation between gluten, dairy and ADHD. Wish I could get them all completely out of our son's diet. He keeps sneaking...
I don't know if the candida cleanse is the same thing as an elimination diet. I'd like to know more about it.


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I was actually misdiagnosed with ADD because of a candida overgrowth. I would strongly recommend looking into doing a candida cleanse. I'm currently doing my Senior Exit Project, my topic being the misdiagnosis of ADD/ADHD and natural cures for the disease, with an emphasis on the correlation with candida. That is how I came across this site, and I signed up just so I could respond to this question. I would recommend the Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook by Jeanne Marie Martin, you can get it on Candida causes chronic fatigue and foggy-headedness that is so common among ADD sufferers. I would also recommend Three-Lac, it is a powder that you take before each meal that helps clear your body of Candida. There is also a simple way to find out if you suffer from Candida overgrowth, called the saliva test.


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We also had the same problem with our difficult child sneaking. Right now he is on Focalin XR which has TOTALLY helped with the rages of the ODD while still letting his personality shine through! Ritalin and Adderall made this wonderfully creative loving boy a zombie! Sugar, however, negates the effects of the Focalin and sends him manic (we are going to have him tested for Early Onset Bi-Polar (EOBP)). Then when the mania subsides he is arguing and raging about everything!

We put him on a basically diabetic diet, gmom's are great about buying him his "special" treats. We found out the hard way, though, that Splenda is made from sugar and still contains the sugar alcohols. Now we are VERY careful to not only check the sugar content but the sugar alcohols. We have very limited (and in a padlocked case) sugary stuff in the house for hubby and myself but the amount of products that are now available for diabetics is amazing. Everything from popsicles and jam to granola bars and fruit snacks/juices are now available at most grocery stores so he doesn't "feel" like we're denying him anything.

This diet in combo with the Focalin has made a world of difference in his behavior at school, he was suspended twice this year before we switched to Focalin and the diabetic diet. Although I still cringe when I see SD on the caller id, it's not as scary to answer it now.


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We like almond milk... we tried soy when difficult child was a baby but it really smelled awful. We did rice milk until about 6 mo's ago, and a friend recommended almond milk because it's thicker and smoother. I can even eat it on cereal and be happy with-it!

Is a candida saliva test something you do at a pediatrician ofc, or is it a specialized homeopathic test?

My difficult child has the capital <span style='font-size: 14pt'><span style="color: #FF0000">H</span></span> in ADHD so adderal works very well for him. with-o it, he's like Mr. Hyde. Unbelievably hyper,short tempered and mean. The adderal is like a miracle.
Interesting about the other medications, and the sugar aspect.

We are finally off of red dyes, which he does voluntarily. Yaaay! Now, for the blue and yellow dyes. (I opted not to do them all at once, because with-his temperament, he'd freak and not cooperate.)

We've cut wheat back by about 70%. Maybe by the end of summer we can cut it out completely. I'm going to encourage him to go bun-free during bar-b-que season.
(Bun-free. I like that expression! :grin: )


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We use mostly almond milk. I also use Vance's Dari-Free which is a powder and coconut milk, depending on what I am making.


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Having an intolerance to wheat drew my eye to your gluten-free statement.

If you go to , it has many resources for a gluten free diet and how gluten can effect people with the allergy.

I hope this site helps!

P.S. I've noticed buying gluten free foods (pasta, flour, etc...) online, in bulk, is a lot cheaper than going to many stores.