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I don't know how many of you remember me posting about my co worker who was being sexually "harassed" by the temp boss.

Well.......not a couple weeks after that post and co worker did an abrupt about face. She decided to be "friends" with temp boss. Now at one point I considered this co worker a friend. That doesn't mean I was blind to what I saw and heard go on. At the point of the about face, co worker started talking to temp boss in a flirty way, if you get my drift. Not over the top, but enough that no male within a 10 mile radius would miss it. (nor did they as she started talking to all of them using the same method)

From that moment on, temp boss man could nearly always be found near co worker. He hung around so darn much he drove me nuts. He behaves like a adolescent boy with his first major crush. It is pathetic and so obvious that no one..........and I do mean NO ONE.......has missed it. And as time went on and co worker began to realize just how huge the ring she had in boss man's nose was.......she started to push her luck. Up to the point of having him drive her to work on one of our overtime days and then being stupid enough to giggle and carry on about it like a school girl. She was wallowing in the "power" she had over this man.

So on this day, co worker pushed her luck too far. She had found out that some full time workers and the long time witchy temp co worker of ours were going to try to bump us off a line. So she told temp boss man she wanted him to stop it and make them go to another line instead. Temp boss man did just that although it is against the rules to do so. Temps get bumped by full time and temps get bumped by other temps based on seniority. Witchy temp has not only been a temp for 3 yrs but was an actual boss at the plant herself for 10 yrs prior to that.......needless to say she has friends much more powerful than temp boss man.

I warned co worker that wichy temp would make her pay for that stunt. She laughed it off.

Fast forward a few weeks and we get sent home early. Witchy temp asks me to give her a ride home. Then proceeds to tell me on the way home that my "friend" and temp boss man are being watched and they'd better d@mn well cool it cuz people are furious and they're about to lose their jobs. Much more detailed than that but that was the jest of it. Came off far more as a threat than anything else, even in the tone she used.

I came home and told co worker what witchy temp said.

Next day.......... witchy temp comes in and says she has to go see the top dog at the temp co. (bff's sister in law.....the one who gave me my job) I was like wtf? And yes, I blurted it out. Well....not an hour later and it turns out top dog is there in person and she starts calling people into her office one by one.

We chatted a bit and caught up when she'd called me in. When she asked me what was going on I told her that all I'd tell her was what I saw and heard myself. That it was not fair to either temp boss man or co worker to say anything that was 2nd hand information.

And that is exactly what I did. It wasn't a whole hellova lot. I then defended this co worker I thought of as a "friend". Top dog knows me well and she knows I wouldn't say such things lightly.

Now of course I wish I'd not defended her.

I know who went to top dog. Witchy co worker called her.

Somehow, and I have no clue how, this all got turned around onto me. The person who had nothing to do with it. Somehow I"m the bad guy. Go figure.

So now there are supervisors at work giving me the evil eye. I suddenly find myself getting the sh*tty assignments. My so called "friend" gives me the cold shoulder and won't say crud to me for a week. Then the next week only has nasty remarks when she thinks I can't hear her.

I don't act like it bothers me one bit at work. I don't even let myself treat co worker any differently. (although I'd really like to punch her in the face)

A hundred little things added up to me knowing somehow this all got twisted around to being MY fault.

I tried to tell myself it was my imagination. But tonight, as temp boss man laid me off..........the b@stard didn't even have the B@lls to look at me when he did it.

I have worked there for 9 months and never once been laid off. Not even when there were only 10 temps left working. I have the seniority AND I'm a slugger. Sluggers don't get laid off, not ones as good as I am.

by the way co worker and temp boss man have not cooled their *cough* "friendship". I noticed today that he parked in our parking lot..........the ONLY time he has ever done that is ONCE before and that was when he brought co worker to work. Funny thing? She come waltzing to the door not too long after temp boss man. Her normal ride person hadn't arrived yet. I've seen a few other exchanges as well.

No. Neither were fired and neither were punished. They both came out smelling of roses. No one would dare call witchy temp on her part in it. Other co workers that had been called in somehow aren't being blamed when I know they told top dog the same thing I did.

Lay off is supposed to be one to two weeks. I'm looking for another job. If they call me back, they call me back. I'm still looking for another job. This one is certainly, at 8.75 hr working my arse off, not worth the trouble.


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Yikes... this sounds like exactly the middle school drama that happens at Duckie's school. I hope you find something quickly, you don't the trouble with your childish co-workers.


Oh Lisa - I am pretzeling that you find a better and closer job. You deserve far better than this. {{hugs}}


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I really hope and pray that something better comes along soon. I cannot understand why some people cannot get over the jr high conflama once they are out of jr high. I also cannot understand why some people are so blatant with activities that they KNOW will hurt people they love.