No good, very bad, horrible day!

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    First of all I had to go to both the ortho and the dentist today. Ortho appointment was at 12:15 and Dentist was at 1. I was really stupid for setting them so close but oh well. Ortho is really fast.

    Before going to the ortho I needed to drop something off at the courthouse. No problem right? I always leave in plenty of time. Not today. I only live 10 miles from the courthouse. I left at 11:30. I only had to drive there and stick it in a box on the outside of the courthouse which is like a mailbox. Didnt even have to get out of my car. Wouldnt you know I got stuck behind a train getting there! Then when I got to the courthouse I got to the box but the road right past the courthouse I needed to take was closed to traffic. Oh well, I could drive through the parking lot. No...there was a car parked in the exit on the other side with their blinkers on blocking the exit! I go to drive down another lane in the parking lot to go out another street...No that street was closed due to construction too! Good heavens above! Ok...I see a cop headed towards the parked car with the blinkers so I turn around and head back that way thinking he is gonna get her to move. No such luck. He makes me and some other cars turn around and go back out to the closed street and move cones so we can drive up the closed street! UGH! I could have done that ten minutes earlier! I was so peeved.

    It was now 12:10 and I have 5 minutes to get to my appointment and there was no way in hades I was going to make it. Thankfully luck was on my side and I only was 4 minutes late.

    Then I got to my dentists office. Or should I say the tortue chamber.

    They decided to do all the caveties on my left side today. At least 5 or 6. I take an extreme amount of numbing medicine and they have to use a different type on my teeth too. It isnt just the regular shot into the gum...though they use that too. They use this weird shot thing that they inject into the tooth itself underneath the gum line. It hurts like a mother. It also tastes extremely nasty.

    What really upset me was I said when they first shot me in the first tooth with that awful shot was "owww owww owww" and I said it about as loudly and you would say it on a phone. I wasnt yelling at all. I was definitely using a quiet normal voice. And they told me...Use your inside voice! Hello...You are shoot big*** needles in my mouth! You are lucky I dont slug From then on, I sat quietly gripping my purse no matter what hurt and just squeezed my eyes tight shut as I cried when things hurt. Tears where running down my face. Thats how they knew I still wasnt numb. I told said for me not to talk.

    My mouth hasnt stopped hurting since I got home. My jaw is so sore. My teeth hurt worse than if they had been pulled. I dont think its worth it to get cavititiesfilled. I think I would rather get them pulled and have false teeth put in. Then its only one time I am numbed like this per tooth side, not numbing like this every time they decide I have a cavity.

    Ugh. I have to go back in two weeks for more work..I so dont want to.
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    OH JANET! I am so sorry you feel like that from the dentist!!!! I'm in the same boat! I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday, but for the 2 Fridays before that I had some surgical thing done to one of them that didn't work- The dentist should have pulled them from the beginning- saving me al the pain! I'm still in agony, yesterday I looked at the problem tooth, expecting it to be pulled- but IT'S STILL THERE! I hope it's just that I don't know what I'm looking at, because that was supposed to be gone. I'm going back today.
    Tell them what happened with the pain next time you go! Don't leave the office wthout a perscription for Percoset so you don't have to go back for it if the procedure is expected to hurt afterwards. That's what happened to me, (They just pullled 4 teeth, they acted like I was a problem patient when I came back for pain medication)(!). You're the patient, if you need to talk or yell to get them to numb your mouth-do it, you deserve to be comfortable! Don't let them make you feel bad. They should feel bad for allowing you to be in pain.
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    Oh upallnight...if you see what you think is your tooth where you had a tooth pulled, I know what you are going through. I just went through that the end of september with my last tooth I had pulled. It was my very back jaw tooth that would be in front of my wisdom tooth. It didnt heal right and my jaw bone was left exposed. The gum didnt heal over it and they had to go in and grind done the bone because there wasnt enough gum to cover it. Lets just say I dont want to do that again!
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    ---I got nuttin. Just figured at this point it was safe to do the cuppy cake song and attempt to make you laugh.

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    lol Star...

    wow Janet..I think I would find a new dentist! I mean good grief...they don't sound like they know what they are doing...can't blame you for not wanting to go back..eek!!! And I just thought my dentist appointments were bad...mine sound like a walk in the park compared to yours...:( I feel for you!
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    Next time they tell you to not talk, BITE. After a time or two of that they will be BEGGING you to talk.

    Trust me. I KNOW what I am saying.

    If it hurts they NEED to know. If you have tears running down your face and they don't stop to at least try to findout what is wrong you need to find the head of the practice and make him make it right. NEVER should you be in that much pain. NEVER.

    Many many hugs.

    Call and get them to give you a valium or xanax rx to take before the next visit. Otherwise you may be so worried and upset that you could make yourself very ill.

    My dad has a valium rx from our dentist. Dad it totally phobic and it is the ONLY way to get him in to the dentist.

    Anyway, many hugs and hopes for pain free days to follow.
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    Does gas work on you? Does this dentist use the aide of gas? I think/know I'd have slugged them.

    I've decided the pain.......I also have major issues with local anesthetics not working on not worth getting it fixed. Soon as I have the money/insurance......I'm asking to yank em all out and just give me dentures. Thanks to the kidney diseases they're all shot anyway.