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For those that read my previous post (boys almost arrested), I faxed the letter a week ago and left a phone message for the facilities manager. He has ignored both. I'm going to leave one more message tomorrow and if he doesn't call me back by Tuesday, I'm going to see if the girls instructor will be willing to intervene (I did get one e-mail from him asking if things had been resolved.).

This is so frustrating that these people find it acceptable to punish the girls (one of whom wasn't even there!) and to punish a 7 & 11 year old for life!!

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In this instance, as in many others, our GsFGs disorders are a family issue. The family is paying the price for choices/impulsive actions taken by your boys.

I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry that the center cannot separate your girls from actions (deliberate or otherwise) taken by your boys in that facility.

As a parent, you've done everything possible & have done a good job making your difficult children accountable. (Loved the letters of apology.)

Keeping fingers crossed that there is a change of heart for your girls.


This whole situation would frustrate me, too. I think you are handling this in a very appropriate manner, holding you boys accountable, but believing the girls should not be punished for something they had no part of. I'm sorry you haven't had the courtesy of a return call. I hope this is resolved soon to your satisfaction.


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Posting seems to have brought some good luck. A dear friend was at the center last night and spoke with the instructor and the office manager and got the center's unofficial update on our situation.

It seems that the GM was appalled that the area supervisor (think minimum wage cashier) thought she had the authority to ban anyone from the facility. She was apparently reprimanded (unofficially??) for calling the police instead of the GM, for thinking she had any right to ban anyone from the facility, and for targeting my boys when even she admits there was a group of kids and no attempts were made to identify any of the others.

Supposedly the GM is working with their legal counsel to find out what hoops have to be jumped through to undo any police 'no trespass order' and to ensure that the police understand that only the GM has the authority to speak on behalf of the center. My friend reported that both the instructor and the office manager said that the GM thought my proposal was fair and that was what he was going with. They are also holding our families spots in the classes (despite having a waiting list) pending getting all this cleared up.

I'll still worry until I officially hear from the GM, but at least now I have hope.