Not happy with "new" fam doctor

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N went to the office assigned by the welfare insurance. husband went with her because the appoint was during my phlebotomy class, and that's just not one I can miss. I wasn't happy about it but what can ya do?

I had N take along a list of her medications and another of the symptoms she's been having, plus the lab results from the tests the psychiatrist ordered. The day of the appoint she has a new symptom pop up. Her foot hand and left side of her face went completely numb. I was almost late to school because I hung around in case she was about to have a seizure.

We knew going in that she had to see the physicians assist instead of the doctor. PA addressed every d*a*m*n symptom except the most major one, and the primary reason she was there. (the face, neck, and abdomenal swelling) She scripted a laxative, and scheduled an EMG to be done at the neuro. Said her thyroid was fine and sent her home. :grrr:

I've had classes all week. In the morning they will be getting a not so pleasant call from me. PA wants to see N in 3 wks. Nope. Not gonna happen. Welfare is paying for a doctor. My daughter WILL see a doctor, and it sure won't be a 3 week wait even if I have to call Columbus and speak with the insur people myself.

And I pity doctor office if they don't cooperate. They've already been blasted by me years back. I won't hesitate to do it again.

I did tell N not to worry. If this doesn't work out I'll be getting my school check in the next few days and if I have to I'll pay cash for her to see her REAL fam doctor.

Although I'm not too pleased with our own fam doctor at the moment. I just did my physical for school. husband and I don't have insur so was self pay. The medical assistant told me the visit was so expensive (200.00) because half of that was a fee for the time we were just sitting in the office exam room waiting to be seen. We were there 45 mins just waiting on the doctor to show up!!! :grrr: Most people don't even realize this because their insur pays it.

Good grief.


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Awww thats not right.... The numbness that you describe, Does it by chance start with her vision going a lil weird on her like seeing tripple vision or double along with a headache rather it be mild or severe. This happens to me when I get stressed out. Half of my body will go numb including my face but starts with the vision. I have learned to control my stress because I don't want that to happen. It subsides in about 1/2 hour if I just lay down. I saw a neurologist about it a while back and his conclusion was that it was stress related. I thought that I was having TIAS but the Dr did not agree. He could have been wrong though but all in all I have only had it occur maybe twice in the past almost 9 years. I hope she can get with a Dr that actually cares for his or her patients. Geeze....


Sadly, you're paying that high bill because insurance companies don't. My doctor bills around $150 for an office visit and the insurance pays $75. I just pay my copay of $20, so the doctor passes that along to those that are private pay. I can't believe that they are charging you for taking up an exam room. That's outrageous. You should only be paying for the service provided.

With a complicated medical history and complicated symptoms, N needs to be seen by a doctor.

I pity the office, too! You don't mess with a ticked off mom!!! :warrior:



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YOU have to pay THEM for YOUR time spent waiting? What would happen if you sent them a bill for your lost wages?

I hope you can get some results - whatever method you use to pay them (out of your pocket, or the insurance company's), should make no difference to the treatment.



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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #000099"> lisa, i'd be ripping mad :nonono: :nonono:. why should you have to pay for waiting for the doctor to saunter in? next time tell them to not call you in UNTIL the doctor is ready & waiting to see you. i would argue this point with-the doctor in fact.

hope you can get to the bottom of N's symptoms....and have her see the guy with-the M.D.

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I don't blame you for being so angry!!! Just reading your post makes me furious!!! :grrr:

N is lucky to have you for a mother. I agree - N needs to be seen by a doctor a.s.a.p.!!! I hope you were able to get her an appointment when you called this morning.

I'm thinking of you and hoping N is feeling better soon!!! WFEN