Not sure what is up with N

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This time it's purely physical. (knocks on wood)

She has been having weight problems all of a sudden. This is my child who had to eat all day long to keep from losing weight. My size 0 girl is suddenly in a size 5. These are hip hugger's so I judge about a 7 in normal waisted pants. She's getting a belly. Eating habits haven't changed except since being pregnant she tries to limit junk food and eat healthier.

I hadn't said anything because N has body image issues. (don't ask me why, she's pretty, tiny, and thin) And I didn't want to stir up trouble. Besides, I have trouble seeing 115 pounds as "overweight". So I've been silently watching.

N adds an exercise program. Weight is still going up. Well, not so sure it's acutal pounds but her belly keeps getting bigger. Not solid like pregnant, squishy. Weird.

Day before yesterday I notice her neck and under the chin is swollen. I think hmmmmm, odd. Yesterday it was too. I ask if she's been feeling ok. Not sick. No sore throat. This morning while easy child, N, and grandkids and I were taking our morning walk I notice not only neck, under chin, but her face is swollen.

easy child and I had the same thought at the same time. Her thyroid. easy child began having trouble after Darrin was born. By the time he was about a year old she had her diagnosis of hypothyroidism. It looks like N may be having the same problem.

The hitch is...... our welfare has decided to switch welfare insurance to a private company. N's peditrician won't accept it, although he had taken medicaid. Actually there is scant few docs or medication ppl who will accept it.

N was "assigned" a new pediatrician/fam doctor. So in the morning I get to call them up and get her in to be seen asap. Then convince this guy who doesn't know my child from Adam that she needs to have her thyroid checked again, and I want her blood sugar checked too.

I'm less than thrilled. N's new doctor is at the practice husband and I left because they had a hissy fit that we were 3 months late paying a 10 dollar bill we didn't even know we owed. (lab fee insur neglected to pay) I refused to pay the interest charges on a bill we didn't know about, staff refused to drop interest charges.

Granted this is not the same doctor, but it is the same practice. It doesn't sit well with me. Partly because of the bill, and partly because the doctor we had a the time really fought me over having her thyroid tested the first time around.

I'd go ahead and take her to her reg pediatrician doctor. The visit is 75.00. It would hurt to pay it in cash, but I would. But no way could I afford the lab testing out of pocket.

I hope it isn't her thyroid, but can't really think of anything else that fits what her symptoms are. She has been really low on energy since Aubrey was born, but I just thought maybe it was the new Mom exhausted thing.


Lisa, sorry about N. I hope you get everything sorted out soon.

What medications is she on? Could a medication reaction be involved somehow? Just a thought . . .


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Oh, dear.
Your hunch sounds correct, especially from her history and the info you've given here.
It is definitely worth a dr visit.
So sorry about the $.
You don't need one more thing to worry about.

Let us know how she is.

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I don't think it's a medication reaction. She's on trileptol, effexor, and abilify. Same medications she's been on for 2 yrs. Although I do plan to ask about it, too, just in case. I have to make an appointment with psychiatrist tomorrow, too.

Hmmmm. Only real difference is that she is on the bc shot. easy child said it could be a remote possibility that it is aggravating a thryoid condition if there is one. She may have to use a different type of bc. But she's been taking the shot for almost a yr without incident.


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When I was on bc shot, I was told it could make me gain weight. My weight stayed stable (too heavy) but it did make me moody.



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Could be either one, but I'd guess thyroid. I hope you find out quick. My issue with it started after the birth of a baby, too.


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> okay, i was going to suggest thyroid as well but you're already on top of always.

why, since she is a mother, is she still seeing a pediatrician? i would think that a regular family doctor would be more appropriate ~~~ her body is that of a woman's...not a child's. could you maybe take her to her gyn instead of this new doctor??

</span> </span> </span>


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I hope you can get her in to see a Dr soon. I can't imagine why they would not want to check her thyroid if there was a family history and she is showing symptoms! Good Luck!

I HATE insurance companies :grrr:!!! It seems like most of the time, its all about money, not about health... Anyway, I would take her to see the new doctor and INSIST that her thyroid be checked as well as her blood sugar. Just because her thyroid was checked a while ago, doesn't mean that things couldn't have changed...

I hope she gets in to see a doctor soon!!! And, I'm GLAD you didn't pay interest charges on a bill you didn't even know about!!! WFEN


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I was going to say what kris said...why the pedi doctor? Not only is she now a mom but she is darn near 18! Get thy child to a family practice doctor, internist or someone else. Her psychiatrist can monitor the thyroid if you so desire...or medicaid will pay for a endo doctor. Just get a referral. But her psychiatrist could have ordered the thyroid testing.

Hope all comes out well.


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My first thought was alergic reaction when you said face swelling? My difficult child had a large mass and cysts surgically removed about 4 years ago. All of her labs have always come back normal despite this. With my difficult child I have never seen swelling in the face but do see that her thyroid is prodominant. Although surgery took place I think the mass is back and told her the last time I saw her to go have it checked out. Anyway, I realize that the ER is for emergencys but you may consider just taking her there and seeing if she can get hooked up with an Endocrinologist (Specialist). Or get a referral for Endocrine through her regular Dr. I went through the same thing prior to my difficult child leaving, Went to a Dr on call when her Dr was on vacation and had to explain the whole thing about her thyroid, I guess the surgical scar was proof enough so he gave me the lab orders and all that we needed. I know how it is to be forced to go to a doctors office that you don't care for and at times have opted to just go the ER route or Urgent care.


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is it possible it could be a kidney thing, and thats why the swelling areas feel more soft? maybe it is not weight but fluid back up. Just a thought.

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To answer about the "pediatrician" doctor, well he is also her ob/gyn and fam doctor. Until the new welfare insur that is. He takes family practice the whole way seeing patients all thru their lives. (OB/Gyn, Pediatrics, and family practice) And he's darn wonderful, too. I thank my lucky stars Aubrey is on her daddy's insurance so none of this affects her.

Got an appoint. So we'll see what happens. I will have her kidney's checked out too. That is another big time disorder in our family. And she did have problems during and right after preg.

Thanks for the suggestion for the referral thru psychiatrist for endocrinologist. If I don't get anywhere with new guy, I'll be sure to go that route. I know N's psychiatrist will order it for me.

I'll let you know what happens.