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    Those you have read my posts know my troubles with my 16 year old son. He did 4 months in Juvenile Detention came out in May & he went back to his old ways & was back in there in June. He spent 4 more months there & was just released last Friday & we are back on the same roller coaster, he lives with his dad & they were getting along ok & things seemed good but he took off a day later & showed back up the next day , now he left again & has been gone for 2 days, we seen FB messages, & looks like now he’s doing cocaine, gang banging & back to robbing people. We reported him missing & contacted PO , we are hoping they can put him back in before he hurts somebody or gets killed on the streets . I don’t know what to do, he just seems like this is the life he wants & one day the streets will take him. I’m so sad & wonder why all the time . He’s a ticking bomb with drugs & without his medication , he can really hurt someone. I don’t think his PO gets the severity of his mental state.
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    That is sad.

    I’m glad that he has been reported and will (hopefully) be picked up before he can cause any further problems for himself or others.

    You have tried your best to help him, but he doesn’t want it at this point.

    Take care of yourself and your younger kids.
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    I'm so sorry and I know the worry that you feel because I have felt it also.

    My son was out of control at that age also and DID NOT CARE what happened to him. I could not wrap my brain around that. If they do not care what happens to them, then it is almost impossible for us to parent them in any way. At least it was for us.

    I wish there was a quick fix for you and your son but like us, there may not be.

    I wish I could predict the future and tell you that your son will outgrow and outlive this like our son did, but no one can predict the future.

    If you believe in your higher power I would pray hard and BIG for your son and also for yourself to have the strength to get through this. I saw a therapist also which helped me create firm but loving boundaries and helped me with detachment so I could save myself.

    That is all that I can recommend for you to do other than what you are already doing.
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    Dear Helpless

    I am so very sorry that you have this worry and sadness about your child. You have suffered so much in these months that we have known you.

    I wish I had something to say that could lessen your pain.

    Everybody here understands what you are going through. Powerlessness. Frustration. Anger. Love. Fear.

    Your task now is like ours. How to live with purpose and contentment with our kids out there. I am in the same, exact place, with a child almost twice as old as is your own.

    Let's pray that they stay safe. Meanwhile, I hope you can find a way to focus on your own well-being and that of your younger children. I am sorry.

    He will have to run the course of this. Clearly, nobody can stop him. I pray with you that he stays safe.
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    I too have been there and my son can get violent. We worry both for them and for the people who they encounter. We pray they don't hurt anyone. We pray no one hurts them. Most of all we pray!