Nothing Is Easy


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Hi Family:

Went to court yesterday with difficult child so judge could sign off on the custody papers. He didn't. :wildone: /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif
He was going to then wanted to know where difficult child's legal aid lawyer was.....this is the 2nd time she was nowhere to be found. Even my terse attorney went looking thru the courthouse for her to no avail. Apparently the judge wanted to make sure that difficult child had consulted with her attorney before signing the papers.......which I guess is fair, but geesh, it made me a little pissed. When dealing with a difficult child, especially a substance abusing one, time is of the essense and as they change their minds so readily.....I guess he has no idea......sigh. Now I have to just worry that this attorney doesn't put any ideas into difficult child's head about proceeding exactly as we were...... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif I know she signed it but I really don't want anyone there to question it. I know you guys know what I mean....what my fears are.
So again we court date 1/23......
Thanks for listening.

Melissa :smile:


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Yeeesh!!! I hate that. You get all siked up for something thinking it's going to be over and then something stupid like that delays it. Here's hoping nothing changes between now and then.


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I hope you get this part of things over soon. It really is stressful, not knowing what can change in difficult children mind between now and then. Thinking of you.


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Can certainly understand the initial uneasiness.
Deep breathe...pray and relax as much as you can I think. So much of this issue is beyond your ability to "worry into a solution". I know you know that.

It'll all work out. I have faith it will.
hugs and happy faces going out to you and baby J.


I know the feeling but you will get through this. One of my kids' adoptions didn't go through for 3 months because potential birthfathers called the judge enquiring about custody. It's heart wrenching.

I think the fact that she's in rehab gives you a better chance of her going through with this. In rehab she's got therapists around to remind her that she really can't handle a baby now. There's a sense of sanity rather than chaos around her now which should help her thinking.

In terms of the legal aid lawyer... I know it's a gamble. Yes, that lawyer has the obligation to go over all the facts with her and tell her that she doesn't have to sign it if she doesn't want to. But they're not blind. They can see the situation. It's my understanding that this is only temporary guardianship you're getting so nothing is carved in stone. The Legal Aid people might push her if it were permanent surrender but this is something that can be changed later. They know she's in rehab, it's obvious that it's in everyone's best interest that the baby be with you, at least until she gets out of rehab.

I'd say try not to worry but I know how impossible that is.