Off to VT for the weekend


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I'm about to hop in the shower and pack up a few things. husband and I are off to our place in VT for the weeekend to do some snowmobiling. I guess they have a few feet of snow up there, and it's cooollldddd!!!!

Oh well, it's a weekend away.

Hope everyone has a good one and I'll see ya all on Monday :smile:


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Hope you have a warm snowsuit!!! Have a good time playing in the snow.....wear your helmet! (Can't resist being mother to someone......)


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Have fun. It sounds wonderful. I haven't been on a snowmobile for 2 or 3 yrs. Enjoy. </span>


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Oh to get away for the weekend, sounds so good.

We leave next weeknd for a week, but theses weekend things sounds better, may look into that.




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karen, my boss went ice fishing in michigan the other week. I told him that I would not purposely go someplace even colder tham where I was already!


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I'm with Ant's mom, guess that's why I live in Alabama!

Sure won't find a snow mobile down here anywhere!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!