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    Went to the doctor on Thursday, and I am officially diabetic. Guess I didn't lose enough weight. My blood pressure is higher than ever, cholesterol is higher, too. In addition to the Effexor XR, I'm taking Metformin and Lovastat; just started those yesterday.

    To add to my health concerns, Hubby and Miss KT are falling back into their battle patterns and expecting me to mediate, referee, whatever; I'm supposed to take Hubby's side because he's my husband, and to take Miss KT's side because she's my daughter. Trouble is, they're both wrong.
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    Your KT sounds so much like easy child 2/difficult child 2. She & husband used to have screaming matches as well. I sometimes wanted to bang both their heads together, because with neither giving an inch, it would disrupt the household with nothing achieved. easy child 2/difficult child 2 can be a real pain when she starts getting pernickety over the littles detail. She can be incredibly selfish sometimes, and at other times awesomely compassionate.

    Since KT is 17, I'd be saying to both of them, "You're both adults or nearly so. I'm staying out of it. Learn to resolve your own conflicts, or you will never learn anything at all."

    If you MUST get involved, do it as an impartial mediator and make it clear - you won'tr take sides. All you will do is help each of them write down the issues. Of course they will probably hate having you insist they write it down, because hwat they want is a short, sharp adjudication from you. A single word, even a thumb point, to say who is right.

    So maybe if you isist on making them work it out properly, they will learn to do it for themselves because they will NOT be getting what they want from you?

    There is another alternative. Help KT look for somewhere else to live. Because we found that until easy child 2/difficult child 2 moved out, the battles continued.

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    Mary-Sorry about the battles between husband and KT. That has to be especially draining. I'm sorry to hear about the diabetes and am hoping you will be able to control it well. Hugs.
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    I'm very sorry you received this news.

    I think you shouldn't let this get you down. Keep on losing your weight and doing what you are doing. You can still cut the cholesterol problem, the blood pressure problem, and keep your blood sugar at a rate where you're healthy.

    Keeping positive thoughts for you XOXOX
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    I'm sorry. Health issues are tough, especially life changing ones like finding out you have diabetes. Add difficult child issues to the mix, and life just becomes even more challenging.

    I think Marg has given you excellent advice. husband and MISS KT need to learn how to work out their differences on their own. You shouldn't have to be in the middle of things. I also agree with Marg that maybe MISS KT should find another place to live. One of the many reasons difficult child 1 needs to move out after graduation this Spring is because when he is around, there is ALWAYS too much drama, yelling, and chaos.

    You need to take time to take care of yourself and to adjust to having diabetes. I think Janna makes an excellent point too. Your body is giving you a wake-up call to get healthier. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! And, it will get a bit easier with each passing day. You'll feel lots better too.

    Maybe you can join a diabetes support group. It might help to be with others who can fully understand what it is like to suddenly find out you have diabetes. Sending lots of hugs... WFEN
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    Well, welcome to the diabetic club. Yeah I know, not a club anyone wants to join, but here we are {SIGH}. I was diagnosis'd a year ago, and to get my health under control I was taking Metformin, avandia, diamicron (diabetic); low-dose ASA, Dyazide, coversyl (high blood pressure); lipitor (cholestorol). Since then I have stuck fairly firmly to a low-carb/sugar, lots of veggies diet. I do the portion control, divide your plate into 4 & have 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 carb. I have lost about 125 pounds and as of this week I am off the avandia & diamicron and all other medications dosages cut in half & the doctor looking for me to be off pretty much everything in Sept. at my next appointment. for bloodwork. My doctor was grinning and excited at my results this week, he's almost happier about it than me LOL.

    Get as much info, advice, books etc on proper diet and such from your doctor, health centers, where ever you can find it. They have some pretty good sugar free products, just found some tasty sugar-free raspberry jam (sweetened with sucralose). Love raspberry jam and had been missing it, and when I went shopping Sat. for groceries there it was just sitting on the shelf. I don't know why I hadn't thought of looking before. That's the main thing, instead of thinking that you can't have this or that anymore, just look for alternatives. And one thing I've found, cutting out on the sugar filled stuff has made me able to taste the sweetness in lots of other things I hadn't noticed before. Yeah it kinda *****, it's not easy, when I was first diagnosis'd I was very depressed about it. But managing things carefully I don't feel deprived and am now feeling better health-wise and with coping with it. As WFEN said, it was my wake-up call to get my health in line, or else, kind of thing.

    I'm sorry for the stress your husband & difficult child are adding. With my difficult child struggling right now, I'm finding myself struggling against the urge to stuff things in my mouth to cope (emotional eater here) I agree with Marg, they're both at an age where they need to sit down and learn to deal with their conflicts in a more grown-up manner, rather than running to mom and doing a he said/she said tell her/him I'm right kind of thing. Let them know right now you're concentrating on you and getting your health in order.
  7. I'm sorry you had to be diagnosed. I have been diagnosed since 12/07. It is a learning process and journey. If you need any good information there is a good support group here: