Oh Dear God, please tell me it's menopause!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by nvts, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. nvts

    nvts Active Member

    Hit the drugstore yesterday. The rabbit died. 2 lines in the test windows. Anybody know anything about EPT false positives?

    I think I'll lose my mind. I'm 44. My kids are getting slightly more independent each day. I don't want to start this all over with another difficult child.

    I'm going to run away from home, but this issue will follow me!


  2. SRL

    SRL Active Member

    Sorry, but if you have had unprotected S&X and the first rabbit died, you'd probably better call your gyn and have them order a blood test.

    Keep us posted. Whether you wind up doing a little happy dance or making the adjustment to having a bonus baby on the way, we'll be here to support you.
  3. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member


    I'm sorry I can't be of any help. I really don't know anything about false positives. Don't panic yet!!! I know, easier said than done- What an understatement!!!

    About the only advice I have, and believe me, it isn't much, is to have the test repeated at your GYN's office. At least if it's done by your GYN, you won't have to waste money on more tests. Unless, of course, you have a huge copayment for office visits.

    Please try to remain CALM. I don't think any over the counter test is foolproof.

    Thinking of you. Hugs. WFEN
  4. nvts

    nvts Active Member

    Ok, Ok, I know the rules, but according to the rules, I was protected! :surprise:

    It's not a happy/unhappy, I know that God always has a plan, but I wish he'd give me an occasional heads up!

    Thanks for the offer of support. I think I'm gonna need it!

    Again, I have to say:


  5. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    Oh, Beth... :(
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    A BABY????


    You know you really SHOULD stop killing bunnahs!
  7. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Let us know when congratulations are in order! (I'm always happy when someone else is expecting...).

    Fingers crossed the results are what you wish for. At 45, I think I'd be freaking out a little too.
  8. everywoman

    everywoman Active Member

    I, too, would be freaking out right now---but I know plenty of women who have had children late in life, and those children have brought such joy and renewal with them. Best of luck whichever way it goes.
  9. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I'm not 45 yet and I'd be freaking out. I think when I found out difficult child 2 was on the way was the only time I've ever had a real panic attack...and boy I had one then.

    Hugs. You have a good outlook...there is a plan.
  10. KateM

    KateM Member

    Of course, the best thing is to have this confirmed by your GYN. That being said, I have had terrible luck with EPT. I've had false positives as well as nothing happen ( no lines when there was supposed to be 1 if nedgative). Sharing this info with other women, several have had the same experience.

    Call me insane, but I'm 46 and would love a little bundle of joy!

    Keep us posted; we're all here for you!
  11. 4sumrzn

    4sumrzn New Member

    OH my.....ummm......I don't know what to say. Guess I'll wait patiently to hear your confirmed results ;)
  12. nvts

    nvts Active Member

    Ok, I see the O/B on the 11th at 11:00. Don't they know I'm in a rush? Don't they know I'm in a panic?

    Oh yeah, I guess everyone else headed there is too!

    Thank all of you for all the support, I'm really needing it!

  13. SRL

    SRL Active Member

    You shouldn't need an appointment to get a blood test done. The doctor's office can fax an order over to a lab and you should have results within 24 hours.
  14. bby31288

    bby31288 Active Member

    I did the EPT thing, back then it was positive, I was like, really so I bought a different brand, still positive, I think I tried 4 different tests...All positive. Test are very efficient nowdays.

    Call me crazy too, I would love to have a baby! Either way, keep us informed. It might be a good idea to start taking care of yourself, get a little extra sleep if possible, start taking Pre-Natal Vitamins. I believe you can get them over the counter now. Of course if you smoke, now would be a good time to quit.

    Good luck!
  15. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Isnt there now a test where you can pee on the stick and it reads "pregnant or not pregnant" and it supposedly tells you 5 days before you even miss a period?

    How that works I dont even know...lol. Heck if they had those back in my teens I would have kept a supply on hand and kept peeing every morning...lmao.

    I know I would be freaking out...in fact when I first started having the problems leading up to my hyster, I missed some periods and was freaking out so badly that I bought a pregnancy test and swore if it was positive I was going to kill someone. I supposedly had my tubes tied...cut, burned, and sutured. Years later I learned they only put the metal clips on them!
  16. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    We can ask Daisy; our resident chemist in training -

    But I don't need a college degree to tell you if you pee on a stick it will not tell you a THING - it's a stick. It was part of a tree, it fell on the ground. Have no idea why you'd want to pee on it. Highly recommend using some hand sanitizer and a wet one if you do.

    Oh and by the way - you can walk into ANY health department on the OBGYN side and ask for a test and get the results the same day.

    Just dont' take that stick with you - they may think there's something a little off other than hormones. Know what I mean?. :crazy1:
  17. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Well I'm 44 and I think I'd run away from home if that happened to me, too. Especially after having 2 difficult child's, and realizing my husband is a difficult child now.

    There are worse things in life, though. Maybe this baby would be the easy child you've always dreamed of...
  18. 'Chelle

    'Chelle Active Member

    Well NVTS, don't know if you want to hear it, but when I finally got pregnant after 11 years of trying and told the doctor that the home kit said pregnant, he told me that yep it was true and that the likelyhood of getting a false positive was extremely thin tho' not 100% impossible. You are more likely to get a false negative.

    I'll say the same thing my sis said to me when I told her I was pregnant at 41 - better you than me LOL. But honestly, I make easy child be more independent earlier than I ever would have if I were younger, cuz I just don't have the energy LOL.

    Hope it's all good
  19. nvts

    nvts Active Member


    I threw out the old high chair that was in the basement 2 months ago!

    Oh, I'm soooooo toast!

  20. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well... umm... I would be trying to breath. Number one because I got rid of the the highchair and everything else and 2 because husband is snip, snip, snipped!!!

    I am so sorry, but maybe you can get used to this idea... and find the plan and the beauty in this. Baby toes are quite cute...