Oh. My. God! It's National Donut Day!


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Finally, this national treasure is being recognized!




Why am I not shopping????



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Do they come in gluten-free? (and actually have the taste and texture of "real" ones?)

And calorie-free, too! At least the ones in my dreams do!

Ahhh....remember when those words never crossed our lips--calories and gluten and such?

The world was so much more simple back then.


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I don't worry so much about calorie-free. After a couple hours of doing "chores" (yes, in the barn), I've burned off enough to enjoy the odd donut. But given that I can't have them these days anyway, it's kind of a moot point.
Rats. Now I'm hungry for a donut.


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They just put in a dunkin donuts/baskin robbins up the street. NOOOOOOOOOO I must not give in to temptation. I must eat celery and oh what the h#ll no one looks at me anyway. I have reached the age of invisibility.


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Is there a plain, fried, glazed donut in that box? If so, I call dibs! Otherwise, my fave is apple fritters. When I lived up in N. WI, a Dunkin Donuts opened up down the road from me about a year before I moved. I think I put on about ten lbs.


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Is there a plain, fried, glazed donut in that box? If so, I call dibs! Otherwise, my fave is apple fritters.

My Dad was a baker and while I was little he had a donut shop. He would bring home a bag of donut holes, every day. They were always the insides of the raised, glazed ones. YEP.

And apple fritters (with two days worth of calories in each bite.)

Whose idea is this anyway? Oh. LIl. Do I say thank you?? I am not so sure....Excuse me. I have to get back to my intermittent fasting thread.


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I got chastised for only buying two plain glazed. Really? I mean, I got two dozen assorted donuts, including some jelly, some red velvet, some chocolate, some old-fashioned sour cream, various types of frostings and sprinkles, some French crullers and even two glazed croissants - well ONE glazed croissant - the other went in my belly. But that apparently wasn't good enough. LOL


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Since I have this weird issue with sleep (unless I medicate heavily enough) where I wake up in the wee hours and am up for several hours, I used to go to daughter right when they opened to buy an apple fritter still warm from the grease it was fried in. Yum.


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I've got no business even THINKING a bout donuts and apple fritters.
I cannot believe I am sitting here SOOO engaged with this thread, everybody.

But before I bow out, Lil. I wanted a glazed donut and there were none left. I know it is bad form to say it--but really, Lil. Not everybody likes cake donuts. And you did take the glazed croissant (which actually, I never even heard of.)

Next time, Lil. Pulleezze. In a dozen, the rule is, 9 raised, typically, glazed, powdered sugar, apple fritters, custard filled glazed maple bars and maybe one chocolate raised (not my favorite.) And 3 cake. At most.

Thank you, Lil. The thought is what counts. (Although you did wolf down YOUUUUR favorite.) Leaving us with what? Guilty dreams....For what?

What are we left with here, Lil? Is this a metaphor for life itself? You have your (donut) and I am left holding the bag (with all of them cake?)

What's it all about, Alfie?


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glazed croissants
What are these, Lil? Is this a regional favorite?
I used to go to daughter right when they opened to buy an apple fritter
Going. What were you trying to say here?

This thread is making me crazy. Or tapping that part of me that I hide (or successfully hid before this thread.) I will now LEAVE you. I WANT TO BE ALONE, I say. I renounce this thread. Goodbye.

Oh how hard it is to leave you, but I must.