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    I don't know why this just popped into my head but on the way to a move last Sun. Q was talking about not seeing movies that are inappropriate. He said, do you think this movie will have kissing that will give me that yucky feeling like when I see it on TV?

    I admit I was a little relieved that he felt that way about kissing, lol. But he is definitely interested in girls and follows them around etc. He just doesn't want the yucky parts (yet).
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    Lol, it reminds me of Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory ;)
    I'm glad he is not mature on this end yet. It will give you and him more time.
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    I remember when my difficult child saw a mom nursing. GROSS! he yelled right to her face. Luckily, she burst out laughing.

    Interesting that your difficult child follows girls around but doesn't like the idea of kissing. It's safer that way. :)
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    LOL! It is nice, when they still think that.

    I did get annoyed on trying to guess if there would be kissing, though. My difficult child felt rather strongly about it and if there was kissing in TV he changed rooms. The problem was the movie theaters, he even had a meltdown once in movies because 'You lied there would not be kissing and there was.' easy child was much calmer also in this matter but neither he liked kissing in his movies when he was something around 9 to 12 or even 13, I think.

    Even less they liked seeing real life kissing or other romantic affection. Especially between me and husband. We are restrained people and really don't get hot and heavy in front of our boys, but even hugging, cuddling, hand holding or chaste kisses were too much the longest time. In fact even a month ago we had to promise easy child we would not embarrass him by holding hands in one event. And it is not that long ago, maybe three years, when difficult child didn't want to go with us to wedding because we would dance together there. And no, we certainly don't dance in inappropriate way in anyone's weddings, but to difficult child appropriate dancing style for me and husband involved that there should be room for book (a thick one) between us in all times. I don't know why both of my sons were so serious with this. At least difficult child has got over his disgust over romantic affection, at least some. Last fall his Facebook status even told he had had a great Sunday watching several romantic comedies and cuddling with his girlfriend. So not only doing it, but admitting. Then again, one of his friends did comment that it sounded so wrong to hear words romantic comedies and cuddling in the same sentence with difficult child. So maybe not totally over it yet. LOL

    I also had fun at easy child's expense with this just last week. His long time music school teacher had her third child recently and I made easy child to write her a card. Some reason easy child started to wonder the age of the new parents and how some still have kids when they are older (she is in her mid forties) and then realized she is older than I am (not much but still.). The look of horror on his face was priceless. I did assure him that the diverse and eventful parenting experience he and his brother have offered us is enough for us and we are not considering repeat performance. And while we do hope to be grandparents one day, we are more than happy to wait about fifteen years to have that experience...
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    LOL SuZir. I have to giggle at your boys. Mine were totally opposite. In fact, one of mine convinced me while I was in a coma in 2008 that I was pregnant with twins. Now that was impossible since I had a hysterectomy in 2004 but I was so out of it that when I came out of the coma it took me almost a month or so to understand I wasnt pregnant. What was so weird was the date that I thought the due date would be was the date I was discharged from the hospital! And it involved two different hospitals so I couldnt have overhead someone giving me a discharge date.
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    LOL! I hope he understands that it only feels yucky in the "wrong" circumstances. But lucky for you, he isn't trying to get in over his head (and yours) just yet!
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    You guys are so funny. I was kind of surprised given how he talks about girls and wants to put his arm around a girl. (Suzir, back when he was using the word sex, I asked him if he knew what it meant...he said of course...so I asked him what? He told me it is like on TV when people are kissing and I said well, it is more than that, it is when a mom and dad decide to have a baby...didn't give details....and he got really wide eyed and said THAT is NOT what I want!)

    It is hysterical that your boys didn't want to consider that you and husband could make another baby! too funny. Janet, that would have been quite the miracle! Your boys convinced you of that while you were waking from your coma?? Why did they do that?
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    What about cartoons kissing? Is that OK? Practically every Disney movie has a big kiss in it! Even Toy Story and Cars had 'em! Or are cars and toys kissing OK? lol
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    I'm not totally sure if easy child was horrified more about a thought of a baby sibling or of an idea about what making the baby tends to require. He is a smart boy and almost 16. I'm sure he has figured out already that it is possible that me and his dad have a sex live, he just doesn't want to think about it and is still young enough to think it would be so very embarrassing if his friends would know his parents have sex life (having a baby kind of gives that away.) I think he probably at least half seriously thinks sex is something young and pretty people do and people stop their sex lives when they are old. And in this point 'old' for him is probably thirty. We have not felt like correcting that misconception. I'm sure the time will do that for us. Of course it can take time. difficult child was recently at home and in TV there was some documentary about couple who had been married 60 years, and they said something about sex. difficult child blurted something about a man that old still being able to 'get it up', went very quiet, looked to the direction his grandparents live (they live near us) and looked absolutely horrified. I think it had probably never before really occurred to him that not only his parents are likely to have sex but also his grandparents. :surprise:Poor, poor, boy!

    Our boys are not stupid, they have all the information they need and some more (we have told them the basics, given them books to read about these matters, our schools give very through sexual education and of course sex is constantly talked about in media), they just don't want to think about those aspects of it. And it is amazing what you can ignore, when you really try. And I have to say, that I too do really try to ignore an idea of my in-laws having sex :rofl:

    I did consider (very shortly) having one more baby when I was turning 40. After easy child was born we also briefly thought about third child (to be honest we had kind of hoped easy child would had been a girl) and decided we were very happy having just two boys and would not want more children. But I think it is very natural to think about it again, when time to have more kids is starting to run out. Even when you have decided you have the kids you wanted, it is a little wistful feeling when the option of having more kids starts to go away. Then I remembered difficult child's first year and very quickly buried the thought. Luckily I remember very little about that year, I was so tired (difficult child just screamed and screamed, didn't sleep, needed to be carried all the time, wasn't happy with someone touching him and neither when left alone, nursed very often and then threw it up. And just when he started to have a little bit easier time after half a year he fell ill and was hospitalized for almost two months and we had to worry if he would even survive and sit in the hospital with the baby who seriously hated being there.) While easy child was a happy baby I certainly wasn't ready to take a risk now at older age. I know there are many older moms here and those who are raising their grandchildren and I'm amazed how you do it. I really feel I wouldn't have stamina to start all this over again.
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    You mean my grandparents had sex???? :surprise:
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    Only once a year, after church and with the lights off.