Oh the manipulation!


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Ok so when will I ever learn? My son called me tonight from jail, telling me he had a terrible headache. His words were slurred, & he sounded like he was drunk! He told me he had repeatedly told the deputies he had a headache & was dizzy, but they totally ignored him. He called twice, begging me to call EMS. He has NEVER done anything like this, & sounded really impaired. Aneurysms run in his dad's' family,too, so I was understandably worried. I tried & tried & tried to call the jail, & even the jail nurse with no answer. So I called "911" & guess what? They didn't go out but did ask the deputy to go check on him & he's fine! He knows I'm a nurse & is well aware of signs and symptoms of an aneurysm & stroke. I can't believe he would stoop this low to manipulate me! Turns out, the deputy told me he was trying to get sent out to the local hospital so he could be transferred to the regional jail where he would have more privileges! Can't believe I let myself fall for this!


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He told me he had repeatedly told the deputies he had a headache & was dizzy
He is training you to be very, very strong. Do not feel foolish for loving your son.

It is so hard when the children we love the most in the world hurt is. I know how it feels.

He is very, very stupid right now. Let us pray that in time he will learn. It reflects not at all on you.



I would have fell for it too, as I'm sure many here would have.

It always amazes how smart they are. Hopefully, they will some day redirect that energy in a positive way.

Don't beat yourself up about this. It's another great learning experience. I'm sure you won't react the same way next time.

Now go take care of yourself.



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Thank you both. I always come here when I need strength & support, & I'm so so happy to have found this site. So grateful to have found others who understand ![emoji173]️


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Heh heh heh.

A while ago, last year, Kiddo collapsed dramatically, insisting she was having a heart attack. Housemate RN slapped an oxy-meter on her thumb, read the numbers and said "You're fine, you can get up now." Probably just tummy upset from sneaking some crap out of the school lunchroom trash. :)


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Oh gosh I think we have all fallen for manipulation! I think our kids are masters....but after a while you learn to recognize it for what it is...and then they get more desperate and at least in our case it can get ridiculous.

When my son was 18 he had his wisdom teeth out and wanted me to give him the Vicodin more often than it was prescribed....and then just wanted me to give him the bottle to manage himself! I wouldn't do it...so he threatened to call the police and tell them I was withholding hiss medications! Ha I told him go ahead and he did!!
Well of course they came. They talked to me and I said I was giving him the medications as prescribed, my son had a drug problem and I was not going to give him the bottle of Vicodin. Of course they understood and told him if he didn't like my rules he could leave. Boy was he mad!

Anyway their manipulation can get nuts once you recognize it for what it is. Stay strong.

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There is nothing wrong with you calling 911. You love your son and were concerned.

It is very sad that he was just trying to manipulate the situation but that's what our DCs are good at.

I have been on the receiving end of it too many times from my son. It just takes time to get to a place where we can see it for what it is.

If it was a real medical emergency I'm sure the staff would have addressed it.

Hang in there!!