Ok Daughters Neuro Report, Son Ill Add When I Get It "Probable?"

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    But this is what it says:

    Following DSM-5 diagnoses are applied to communicate daughters current and past difficulties:

    Probable Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Probable Borderline Intellectual Functioning
    Probable Development Coordination Disorder
    Rule Out( or in) Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder** this would apply if Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) were ruled out, but the social -skill problems remained salient
    Possible Learning Disorder With Impairment in Mathematics
    Academic Problem
    Keep Tabs on Depressive Disorder* right now Im not convinced its present
    Keep Tabs On Anxiety Disorder*right now Im not convinced its present

    ... I have to get going I think I added it all? Ok so this is a lot to take in and she did really well academically in elementary and junior honor society in middle, but yes, math was hard. Now struggles worse... Probable is not saying this is definite, shouldnt it be she does or doesnt have it period? So I still have no OFFICIAL diagnose?
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    "Probable" usually means... more testing required for definitive diagnosis.
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  3. Confused

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    Ok, so now where do I go? I thought the Neuropsycoligist Evaluation guy was the" top dog" and could give a definite. Was that wasted time and money? Thank you :)
  4. InsaneCdn

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    We don't have neuropsychologist here (or not for diagnosis of these kinds)... so I don't know your protocol.

    BUT... I've never seen that many "probable" dxes listed, and nothing definite? To me, that doesn't make sense. I've seen one or two definite, plus a few probable and a few rule-0uts or watch fors or monitors. But... nothing definite?

    Do you just get a report, or do you meet with the Dr to review? (here, we always get in-person review)
  5. Confused

    Confused Active Member

    I was shocked as well to see all probables! Im still lost, feels like Im getting no where! He was going to mail it but since my son had an appointment I picked it up and went over it in person. Again, he was all" well, I cant say its not because if you look at the definition of Autism Spectrum Disorder she has some qualities and they did change the name, so theres no more diagnose of Asbergers per say. Then there is a Social disorder but bringing up the point he cant rule out Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)..... But it could also be when she was vacuumed out of you that something happened if any blood leaked into the brain. Well, the pediatrician was suppose to send that report over to him and he hasnt received it yet. But I sure am going to call him to discuss this again. My sons evaluation Report is due next week, hes mailing it so I will call if I dont understands sons. Of course, Holidays next week uggh!

    Im going to call my sons Neurologist and see if they could diagnose her or what they come up with.. I know he will send her for an EEG which she will freak out about because shes over sensitive if thats the right word. But it will be another Dr's "opinion"? I guess..
  6. SomewhereOutThere

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    Confused, that is really strange. I agree with you. Our neuropsychologist did it this way (as did all our neuropsychologist evaluations):

    1. Autistic Spectrum Disroder (primary diagnosis)
    2. Cognitive disorder, not otherwise specified (secondary)

    That is what got us the services we needed.He did it that way specifically to make sure Sonic got the services he needed.

    I feel for you. You are trying so hard and have so much going on. I truly hope you can get the "probable" knocked out or that it is just as good to have "probable" on there.

    Hugs and good wishes.
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  7. Confused

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    Thank you MidwestMom- Im glad you got it worded officially. So my guy wasnt sure...is he qualified? Was my daughters case to hard? Well I called my sons Neurologist office and they said he can officially diagnose( thats all I ever hear from all these doctors anymore -then they cant) that she does or doesnt have it or a few other things. They will send her for an EEG of course she said. I told them even her new school saw Asbergers and when they tested her learning disorder... they are keeping her even though it says probable according to a teacher and secretary, but Ill double check tomorrow with the Director. So this scares me now about my son.. I guess all these will come back my fault or all probables for him too? Or.. he will find nothing wrong because he was such a pleasant and funny fellow that everyone doted on!!!( of course my son is but when he gets mad watch out)

    *****Of course I want peace of mind to know whats is or isnt going on with my kids, but what Im really scared about is if they dont get the proper diagnose now with treatment now..., its already late in the game, how will they survive? What is the future for them? This their life they need and deserve to be happy and get help now and if needed the rest of their lives. Its not only upsetting me but this affecting my kids too. Daughters school is doing a free screening for various therapies and daughter was hoping Id say no... well, I told her sorry but Im saying yes because even if you dont need them, they accepted you into their school with limited space so we can play their game to stay. But either way it will be good for you. Shes in deep denial or really doesnt think or know anything is different about her. Special different is what I told her and I love her the same!
  8. Confused

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    Talked to Daughters old PreK teacher and she was shocked with the Probable as well and told me I can let them know that she thought she had this when she was in with her. But she said that it can still help in a sense and maybe he couldnt specify what type or extent of Autism?I showed her a video of my sons violence same one I showed Dr and.. she asked if he was maybe Bipolar or similar? Her mouth dropped and she was almost pale!!!

    ....But.. I forgot to add he also "suggested a 504plan might be feasible and helpful."...Also suggested a more vocational/technical candidate rather then academics. Did recommend occupational or physical therapy in school might be helpful. Several books, parenting classes,gave a whole bunch of possible good job matches...hes saying theres some type of an issues and believes these are it but still I think what you all said a yes or no .. The rest is the info I reread again now. Ok.. enough ranting.. im gonna have some caffeine!!!!!
  9. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    Teachers sounds very receptive to helping and a 504 is good. At least it's some sort of plan. And I like the idea of technical training. My daughter, who is Learning Disability (LD), is going to a tech school for Criminal Justice. There are also lots of courses for the medical field, computer fields, and other things I honestly never thought of.

    Tech training is very big now. My daughter lives away in a dorm and the school is filled to the max. The schools are always very helpful to the students and want them to succeed. They also gear their curriculum to programs that have a high level of job openings. I would give it a try!!!
  10. TerryJ2

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    Very good with the 504! You're making progress, even with the word "probable."
    My son's diagnosis was "Mild Asperger spectrum behaviors" if I recall. We call it "Aspie Lite." (Which I stole from someone on this board.:) )
    Also, anxiety goes hand-in-hand with anything on the autism spectrum. No surprise there.
  11. Confused

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    MidwestMom, she is and has been wonderful since I met her( both my kids says shes a strict toughy). Criminal Justice actually is cool :) She can do it!

    TerryJ2, yours sons diag still is a definite but your right, even the word probable is a start. I still think anxiety too.

    *** well Aunt says I should get Social Services for her and in school all day and I told her to get social services for her dad( my grandpa) so I can work and help my kids! Also I stupidly told her all diagnose and that will be around the block and she says only Neurologist is the ONLY one that can give an official diagnose. I do see her point..I had bad experiences w shrinks! I was against home school you all know that, but this half day school specializes with kids like mine, my daughter is trying to get used to it and frankly.. unless something makes it worse.. Im happy so far!! Its only been since Tuesday!!! So Ill just tell people Anxiety is what daughter says , we will see ( She still denies anything is wrong with her poor daughter )
  12. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    Your hard work as a warrior mom is paying off, girl. Good for you and good for the schools help!!
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  13. Confused

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    Well, I told daughter she has another Dr to go to and maybe therapy and wow did she ever get in denial of anything being wrong with her as well as refusing to go. I told her lets go then to prove me and them wrong but she still says no. She doesnt have a choice I have to get someone to really say yes or no whats going on with her. Thanks tho, I dont know if I should keep pushing for yes or no's and I dont know where to go. Occupational Therapist (OT) I was told would be a good idea from here, so Ill try them too and see if they know what to do next. Thanks MidwestMom :)
  14. InsaneCdn

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    We found the kids were more open to Occupational Therapist (OT) than other specialists, because Occupational Therapist (OT) doesn't result in dxes or at least not the kinds with stigma. It's more like going to physio than a psychiatrist or therapist.
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  15. Confused

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    Thats true, my daughter doesnt even want that. I just wish I knew all this for sure back when she was 4/5 yrears old so she would of been used to therapy. But I cant go back! Thanks again Insane, Im looking them up today!