Ok...go ahead and tell me I'm CRAZY!


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I've spent WAY too much time THINKING.

So...follow me on my thought process here and then tell me I'm NUTZ and to shut my brain up and do the work I'm supposed to do and trust the Dr's to figure my son out, OK?

So...since M was admitted, his pulse was fast and his blood pressure was high...started in the ER (he was raging, so makes sense) and then the first couple of days on and off in inpatient (they said maybe it was the fact that they were using the automatic machine and not doing it manually...sometimes it reads high or low...whatever...I only found out because I happened to be there on a visit when they checked his vitals...it's not something they were telling me about).

So...I was thinking...what would make his pulse race? What would make his blood pressure high? Maybe his anxiety is up? Maybe his fight or flight reflex is in high gear? Maybe it's that :censored2: Strattera at it's peak surging norepinephrine through his body.

Then I'm thinking more about WHAT is the mysterious life trigger that sent M on his downward spiral? What caused him to cycle into such crisis? It started slowly increasing around the Summer and then really picked up this school year. Well, when I was helping the nurse in the ER on Thursday try to help M use the portable urinal to pee in the bed (cuz he was still in restraints), I noticed M had little, thin, blonde hairs in his pubic area. The more and more I thought about it, it dawned on me that this Summer is when he started having body odor and I kept trying to get him to use antiperspirant. And then last night I checked his arm pits and found more little, thin, blonde hairs in his underarms. Could M be going through puberty? Or at the least have an abnormal level of hormones? Is this the mysterious life trigger?

Then we have the urinary issue. It's *almost* resolved. He can pee without turning the water on, it doesn't hurt, and it starts easily, but he still needs to sit, he can't stand to pee.

Could there be something going on with this kids Adrenal Glands???? They sit right on top of the kidneys, they produce norepinephrine, as well as sex hormones.

Ok...I've OFFICIALLY LOST MY MIND! It's ok...you can say it. This is where my husband would chime in and say I have a "flood of thoughts." So, I'm going to slink away now and take a shower. I'm sure you've all had enough of me today.


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The only thing that sounds crazy is the fact you think your logic is crazy. I'd definitely mention it to his doctor and see about having him checked by an endocrinologist.


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Mom instinct is usually pretty good. Get the test done and then you can be sure if you're wrong or right. Better to find out one way or the other sooner rather than later.

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Alison, I think you're a mom desperate for answers for your difficult child. It won't hurt to have this checked out.

Follow your instincts.


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Seroquel can definitely cause high cholesterol. My son was on it for three years. Maybe it also can cause high blood pressure. I'm not sure, but you can ask.


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Alison - my son was admitted to phosph last month where they discovered his blood pressure was over the top. They started him on Clonidine for his blood pressure, and 2 weeks later we were able to discontinue the seroquel. It was truly amazing, and I still do not understand it - but somehow, either the lowering of his blood pressure, or the clonidine, caused his aggression to go from over the top to mild. I now wonder, what exactly caused his blood pressure to go up - and if there is a physiological component rather than a psychological reason to making a child rage????

As for pre-puberty stuff, I saw an increase in my son's rage from age 9 on......whether that was just him, or a testosterone increase, who knows. I would have your difficult child checked out while in psychiatric hospital, it is an easy test to do.

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Sounds like a possibility. I'd have it checked out by the pediatrician endocrinologist, too.

About the peeing thing..... Has difficult child ever had an IVP to see if he might have kidney stones? And yes, they can get them that young. My brother did and I recall similar symptoms. I only remember it cuz I can still picture my Mom screaming at the fam doctor to do something for the boy. :hammer:

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Ditto what everyone said about having him checked out. Girls for sure are going through puberty at younger ages. I'm not sure about boys but it wouldn't surprise me.