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    Ok, difficult child's primary dr said that the Focalin or Adderall is probably not the cause of his bedwetting and accidents at school. I just got a message from his psychiatrist that said bedwetting and accidents can be a side effect of stimulants. I'm confused! :( Although, he has been wetting the bed since he was potty trained and before we started medications 6 months ago. husband said it wasn't this bad though. It probably has gotten a lot worse since he did go on medications, but I don't want to blame the medications because they truly do help him stay calmer and more focused at school. I only wonder if I should get him evaluated for urinary problems or just take him off stims to see what happens. I know if we totally take him off stims, he school behavior would get very bad. I wish this wasn't all so damn confusing. Thanks for listening..can anyone help clear this up for me?
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    I somehow missed... How long has he been on the stims?

    If a very short time... Let it go for a bit... It may resolve or get better. If not, perhaps the dose is too high/given too late in the morning?

    When we weaned Jett off the Concerta, we went from 54mg to 36mg, then to 27mg and finally 18mg. It got better at 27. However, the other side effects didn't get better till he was off them.

    Just a thought... I'm not a doctor!!!
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    He has been on stims since April 2010, so for about 6 months now. He started on Adderall, but we just this past week switched him to Focalin because Adderall made him too moody, agitated, and aggressive. Since we started Focalin (only 2 school days), he's wet his pants both days at school now. I just don't want this to get any worse. It's like weighing the pros and cons of the stims. The Focalin seems to really be doing well for him as far as school behaviors and such. He's gotten green both days at school and that is wonderful. I just don't want my poor difficult child to be peeing his pants to get a good benefit from the stims. Kids are cruel and eventually will make fun of him and I do not want to ruin his self esteem. I think we just might have him evaluated for urinary issues just to make sure things are okay.
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    I'd wait a bit. Sometimes it might be nothing more than the kid growing and the bladder not caught up just yet. Some people just don't get (or listen) to the message from bladder until it's too late (or almost too late). So many possibilities are out there I'd hesitate to blame medications immediately, especially if it's not a new issue. Any new anxieties recently?
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    See, that is what I was thinking, Haozi. He has always had a bed wetting problem and trouble getting to the bathroom on time, but it just seems worse since he went on the stims. Like I said, I am torn because the Focalin is doing very well for him. The teacher told me I could pack extra clothes for him. She said it is a pain, but given his issues sometimes, if he just needs to change his clothes at school then that is not that big of a deal. I'm sending an extra set of clothes for him. He swears he goes when he has to go and I believe him, but he just can't hold it. husband is blaming the Focalin, but I don't think that's what it is. I am going to get a urine test just to rule out anything medically wrong. Thanks for your reply!
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    ...How old is he?

    Jett had wetting issues too. Like he just couldn't seem to figure out when he had to go. Concerta made it MUCH worse. But... It was ongoing that it was worse. I would give it some time... If he is under 10, the teachers are usually pretty good at keeping the other kids oblivious. Usually.
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    My difficult child will be 6 yrs old next week. Yeah, I'm glad the teacher will let me take extra clothes for him so I don't have to be leaving work everytime he has an accident. Poor difficult child!