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    Katie and family are staying at the shelter in dayton of course. Well I have a weeks worth of mail and a cell phone to bring to her tomorrow. We've not heard a peep out of them since last friday. So I called the shelter just a bit ago.

    They can't acknowledge that Katie is or is not staying there. Huh? Ok...privacy I suppose. So I talk with the lady (she was really nice by the way) and I end up leaving katie a message.......now I need to know when she's gonna be there. This isn't a drive across town, this is a 1 1/2 hr trip one way. Shelter lady said she has no choice but to be there at 4:30 but it's a chaotic time as they shift from day baskets to night baskets ect and supper....(don't ask it's involved) So I said we'd shoot for 4 pm as long as traffic doesn't hold us up. By the time we were finished.......the woman didn't have to tell me katie was there. lol

    But while I get the privacy thing..........How on earth if you're not going to acknowledge someone is staying there do they expect a job to call for an interview? I mean most personnel workers I know are not going to go through the trouble I did to leave a message and then wait to be called back to arrange an interview.

    Then I was disappointed to find out that this shelter doesn't require they leave (in other words look for work). WTH? Of course this most likely means katie is lounging around pretending to be sick with a migraine so she doesn't have to look for work or anything else.

    So what's up with that weekly evaluation? What on earth are they looking at?

    I was in a shelter ages ago, back in my very early twenties with the two old kids (toddlers). They didn't make you leave all day, but by darn you'd better be doing the program because the longest amt of time you were allowed to stay was 2 wks, 6 wks for extenuating circumstances. The one I stay in in Illinois after that was even worse.........if it weren't due to extenuating circumstances (my health) I'd never had been able to stay the months that I did, but I still was expected to work the program, bad health or not.

    So I'm wondering if the program has been spelled out to katie and M and they've been left alone to do it or not to do it and find themselves booted out if they don't comply. But honestly I dunno how that works........the weekly evaluation gives me that impression.:tongue: Maybe I should've just come out and asked while I had the staff on the phone but I didn't think of it.

    I just don't want her thinking she can not pass that evaluation tomorrow and plop her junk in our car expecting us to take her and family back..........when all I'm doing is dropping off her mail. Katie couldn't call me back........which is what they'd normally have her do.....because of it being long distance.

    Ideas.......or can someone explain how these things work maybe?
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    I dont have a clue because the only time I have ever been in a shelter I was staying overnight just to get a nights sleep in NYC.
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    No clue, but just wanted to ask if it would be cheaper for you gas-wise to just mail her stuff to her rather than drive 90 min each way? If you mail it today, she'd probably get it by Monday -- Tuesday latest. Sorry you're having to deal with all this.