Ok, question about our new law...


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Obamacare- I am trying to get to the IRS to double check :

1) If I have to file taxes even though I haven't worked in years, the child support is under the amount to claim-way under. I receive no other money! Do I file saying I having nothing to file?

2) Obama healthcare Insc... Again it states by Feb 15 is the deadline I must sign up Im told they can lower payments.. Um... I will STILL get fined for not making my half of the payments anyways!! Again, absolutely 0 income!!

So my Aunt says this is the rule I have no choice I should double check with HER friend who is an tax specialist... but her friend. So I called one tax place they said ask the IRS-( they dont answer calls so I have to go in) then I called a place another relative goes to and he said no, I dont file or sign up for healthcare until I work and or meet the requirements which I dont..

Anyone know?

Sorry Im not supporting anyone again yet.. my head is so jumbled its best not to mess up someone else right now ! But Im thinking of you all and read some of your threads,you all hang in there and many hugs and prayers everything works out quickly :)


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Sounds like the sort of crazy bureaucracy we have to deal with in the UK. You have to just laugh really. That's the only way to deal with it sometimes. I try and imagine all these oompah loompahs in their little cubicles ticking their little boxes...


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Call them, Confused. It is easy to get through if you call. Have you tried to contact their phone number in Difficult Child? We had no trouble getting through.

I am kind of wondering. So you don't work at all, but...you aren't on Welfare and get no food stamps or Medicaid though? You are entitled to that. You don't work. You have no assets. Why haven't you signed up for Medicaid? That would cover the insurance and you would be eligible for it.

The child support does count as income. It certainly will not make you ineligible for government supports.

You should get a nice tax return. You need to stop worrying about everyone else, and listening to your family (I'm guessing they told you that you were ineligible for these things or that it is shameful to have them), but, no matter why, you ARE eligible and you NEED them.


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Thanks Midwest, Ill try the one in Difficult Child, here the recording says they arent accepting calls to come in! So yes, we have Food Stamps and my kids are on Medicaid, been for a long time. My grandpa pays the rest of the bills. ( Oh, I forgot under new law they make sure the person on gov help is working at least 20 hrs or more in order to receive help-they had it before but never enforced it, now they are and I cant be happier!!) Why? My EXCUSE to work for grandpa to hire help. I can help gpa so many hrs a day and thats it! But I do want to be off all gov help though soon.

The tax guy here said I do not make enough child support to file, and the stamps and medicaid are not counted as income.


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If you are paying for a healthcare plan under "Obamacare" (Marketplace, etc.), you need to check/log into your account online to get the required tax form for tax year 2014. I don't believe they will be available under your online account until Jan 31 but they will be automatically loaded as a download on your account page.

In regards to child support, it is not taxable to you, the payee. You DO NOT include child support payments received in your calculation of gross income. This is for tax purposes only when filing your return not for consideration of any government benefits. Child support must be listed when applying for benefits, housing, etc.

My question to you is that if you have no income, why are you buying a health plan under Obamacare and not on Medicaid? Obamacare is for individuals who do not qualify for other health benefits.

Your local IRS offices do not answer calls (takes messages only) but the IRS 800 number does!



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Thanks LittleDudesMom, no I havent worked or filed and no current healthcare( I just applied for medicaid ). My Aunt says I have to file stating I have nothing to file and that I have no choice but to get the healthcare plan. I think we are both confused because the whole book of new laws is just confusing!

I will be calling today :)