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    i wasn't going to share it because most of you know the stress i've been under and you'll think i've finally bought the farm. Yet i thought it was kinda odd and cool and weird.

    so, in the past way way past after my grandmother passed i would have dreams of her. She'd come to my dreams, ask me how i was, the girls, etc. tell me she loved me was fine. she was like a mom to me.

    Id' even get calls on xmas eve (that was our time to talk for recipes) with caller i.d. stating her last name i'd pick it up and a woman would say i'm sorry i have wrong number but merry xmas sweetheart. WEIRD....... my mom would always get so mad at me that my grandmother would be in my dreams and not hers lol. I was with my grandmother though when they took her off life support i didnt' want her to be alone when she went.

    ok back to main point, i'm bouncing around alot lately sheesh my father passed almost a year ago now. well i found out a year ago last xmas. long story his wife never contacted me when he died suddenly. yea i know sick. him and i were estranged shared a few phone calls a year, he sent girls and i money ea. birthday xmas

    past several nights i'm dreaming about him. i have only had one dream of him was mos. ago he came to me said he was sorry, he was alright for me to have a good life. yes odd.

    these are different and kinda bugging me. he's upset in them, very very sad in them. is trying to tell me junk yet i can't make out what he's saying. i actually woke up today with tears, had to double check ok where i am sort of thing on awakening.

    husband and i planned to go up to n.c. to see his plot, etc. yet difficult child than got sick so we had to put it on hold.

    i know we can all say stress related, etc. or maybe issues there i havent handled yet, or maybe didnt' deal with-his death yet and it's in my subconscious.

    anyone else ever have this happen to them??

    tonite im going to bed prepared to say to him ok spit it out already and just tell me!! lol
  2. Jena

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    ok i'm sitting here laughing reading my post. i have a child who doesnt' eat, a husband who cant' sit still who i wanna beat half the time, and my dead father contacting me LOL. priceless. you truly cant' make this stuff up. :) well at least i'm not living in the ghost house anymore now that would be bad, my father would probably be in the attic with-the ghost lol. oh sheesh i need sleep!!!
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    Yes, I've had experiences like this. One that I recall very vividly was after "Uncle" D (family friend) died. The night after I attended the funeral I dreamed he was on the other side of a chain link fence trying to tell me something, and two doberman-type (but waaaay bigger) dogs dragged him off before he could tell me. I found out years later that he didn't have a heart attack like I had been told - he had gone out a 7th story window.
    When my grandma died, I knew it. I knew it before the call came the next morning to tell us. I had been hearing hoofbeats close by for a few days, but no one else around me heard them. Weird, right? Gets more weird, since it was NOT the first time I'd heard them before someone I knew died, these just sounded a lot louder and a lot closer. When I went to bed and tried to sleep, I couldn't. Stared at ceiling. Stared at back of eyelids. Suddenly was seeing blue and red flashing lights, and the light turned bright white but soothing not blinding. It was just before midnight, and I'll swear to this day that the wrong date of death is on my grandma's grave because of that.
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    wow that blows my dad story out of water!! holy
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    maybe he'll tell me where his fortunte lies since his wife got every single penny. not that i wanted it, but wow you would think only child and all. his businesses, boats, houses, you name it all left to her and her mom.
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    You notice that it's only us here so far? Ever get that "alone in an abandoned house with a maniac" feeling?
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    That sounds odd. Have you actually seen the will?
  8. Jena

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    lol. totally. their all reading it like what the hell is Jen's problem tongiht?? i'm telling you my friends here are going to start requesting payment soon from me lol.
  9. Jena

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    i did. once i found out he passed by finding him on social security index xmas eve (few days after) when he didnt' call. i emailed the business. than suddenly his wife had attny send copy of lwt. it mentions me, yet doesn't leave me anything so i couldnt' fight it, left it all to her. i would only of fought it to get to her and ruffle her feathers for not letting me know he died.
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    Tell them you'll knock a percentage off your entertainment fee as their payment.
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    and still no one else shows up to the my dead relatives are contacting me thread. hmmmm :)
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    Maybe the spirits are affecting their keyboards. :p
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    *shifty eyes* *grabs sharp weapon and goes stalking through the empty place with Jen*
    What was that noise?!
  14. Shari

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    I'll join in.

    My grandma, whom I was very close to passed away. A few months later, I found out I was expecting Wee difficult child, and I wasn't exactly excited about it. And a few months later, things were really rough at home and work. I was having a particularly awful day, and had to sew a costume thing for a fund rasier at work. and had gone to a craft store to get something I needed. I was beyond angry, tho I don't recall what about. There were people blocking all the aisles except one, so I was forced to meander up and down the aisles to get to what I needed. I got to what I was needing, and on the bottom shelf, under the item I was looking at, was a quilling kit. If you're not familiar, quilling is an art of making tiny paper flowers with little tools. Grandma and I used to spend hours making them, and when she passed, I wanted the quilling tools and we never found them, only a box of flowers we'd made together. I had since been looking on ebay, etc, for a kit and could not find one. And here was one, staring me in the face, next to elastic in the sewing notions section of a craft store.

    The really erie part, tho, was the price tag had a date of 10 years earlier, and when I bought it, the clerk said some old woman had just returned it.

    So its not ghosty, but I still have a hard time thinking that was coincidence.
  15. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Jena, you're not losing it. Now don't you feel better?

    There is far more to this world of ours than can ever be explained. The very young usually accept it as just a part of the world, but our society teaches us to be afraid of such unusual experiences or that the person is a bit "off".......it's as we grow older that our views change.

    My grandmother (the one who raised me) died of cancer right before my 17th birthday. But months and months before that she'd been diagnosed with the massive tumor surrounding her kidney. Docs knew chemo wouldn't work but decided to attempt to cut the size of the tumor down in order to give her both comfort and a bit longer to live. The night after she had had the surgery (she was doing fine when we left the hospital) I had a dream that I remember as if I had it yesterday. In the dream I was once again a little girl. I know because gramma stood 4'8" in heels and even at 4'11" I looked down at her for years. lol

    I was holding her hand and she took me into a huge very old fashioned house. Now this part is going to sound "off" to most, but the house smelled like death. (yes death has a smell, don't ask me to explain it cuz I can't) So I got scared and kept asking her why we were here. She just smiled and said she had people she needed me to meet. So in the house we go from room to room. The rooms are very cozy. (think homey old farmhouse) They're also filled with people young and old. As we approach each person grandma tells me their name and her relationship with them. I know this is important to remember. This went on a long time. There were generations of people in the house.

    Then I woke suddenly as it hit me what it meant. She was on the brink of death or dying and she was showing me that where she was going was both a very nice place and her family was waiting for her there, that I had not reason to be afraid or to feel bad for her.

    Ten seconds later the phone was ringing. I heard my Mom answer it. (thin walls) I was out of bed and dressed so fast you'd have thought the house was on fire. I found her standing outside my bedroom door when I opened it and I told her grandma was dying we had to get to the hospital now! She looked at me like she'd seen a ghost. lol

    So we get to the hospital. Grandma had been put in ICU simply due to age because the staff would watch her better. Well, seems nurse (years and years experience) heard grandma calling out for someone to stop the organ music because it was driving her nuts.........and to tell Jesus who was standing at the foot of her bed to go away, she wasn't ready yet. Nurses everywhere know when a patient talks that way to pay attention. So she did vitals ect.......and grandma was in serious shape, almost no b/p ect. Grandma was awake when we got there......she smiled at me and said I knew you would come, I told him he had to wait I wasn't ready. Nurse took her vitals about 5 mins after we got there and they were stable and near normal again. She passed away 9 months later.

    My stepdad died (he was my daddy in all respects). husband and I went back home for the funeral. My cousin Darren (notice the name) was home from the army. Darren and I were more like brother and sister than cousins. And he's the reason I met husband. So we arranged to go out with him and his fiance after the furneral, we were to meet at my aunts house. We get back to my Mom's to change clothes and the phone rings. I instantly know that Darren is dead. I race out of the bedroom (clear on the other end of the house) and into the kitchen, I reach it as Mom is hanging up the phone. She starts to open her mouth and I blurt out that Darren is dead. All the color drained from her face and her eyes got enormous. (yes, I scare the hades out of my Mom on a reg basis lol)

    My grandpa died. This was biodad's dad and I adored him growing up but didn't get to see him very much. He always smoked a pipe with a certain type of tobacco and I loved it so much I'd beg to sit on his lap. My biodad gave me my grandpa's pipe after he passed. (I still have it) And for months out of nowhere I'd suddenly smell his pipe tobacco as if he were standing right next to me. I'd search all around for someone smoking a pipe but no one ever was........I mean this not only happened at home but also out in public. It still happens occassionally.

    I'm gonna stop because I seriously could go on and on and on about stuff like this. When I was a child I thought everyone had such experiences. As a teen it scared me to death. As I grew older I got used to it and just accepted there is much to this world that can't be explained.

    And heck, I smile when I smell my grandpa's pipe.......he's visiting me, it makes me feel special.:D

    So, now seriously, do you feel better? Because when you think about it........we all tend to believe there is life after death........so what is so strange about them finding ways to communicate if they really really want to?

    P.S. It took 20 yrs before I found out that I really did meet all of my deceased relatives. My Mom had brought a huge photo album she'd made of all of her family once when she came to visit. She opened it and I was like omg that is so and so.......and this is such and such, and there is you know who and they used to drink a bit too much .......... And you guessed it........I scared her again. I had never seen those pictures in my whole life and she knew it, she'd kept them hidden away all those years until she'd decided to make the album. (about a yr before she brought it to show me) lol:tongue:
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    I'll agree impending death has a smell (and as I said, sometimes a sound). I've been to places or around people I could smell it on and unless it's someone very close to me I refuse to go back to those places or stay in them, I get out ASAP.
  17. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I had some other visits, as well. My best friend passed when I was 11. She visited the night she died. She'd had cancer, and didn't have hair, but that night, she did. She was laughing and healthy, wearing a princess dress (she was obsessed with princesses - me, not so much). She said she was better now, she would be all right, and told me not to worry.

    I found out about 15 years later my mom had, as near as we can tell, the exact same visit...words, dress, hair, etc.

    I also knew my grandma had spent her last holiday with us before she passed away. When I took her home from dinner, her phone was ringing and she rushed in to answer it. She had to hurry cause it was grandpa (long deceased) and he might be on the way to pick her up. No one was on the phone. Then we sat down and she explained he had called her and would be on his way to pick her up soon. He'd been working far away, and their work was almost through, and he was coming soon. She wasn't a confused old woman, either. A month later, she was gone. I went home that night and told my mom she wouldn't be here by Christmas. She died 3 days before.
  18. Jena

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    wow!! i feel better now. those are awesome creepy amazing stories.............

    you guys had deep connections and i do strongly believe and have always since my grandma passed that ppl can communicate via their souls. ill update you on what my father says tonight i'm headed to bed!!! :)

    shari that wasn't a coincidence. :)
  19. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Shari I've heard of such things working with older people. And we saw it with mother in law not long before she passed. It was when she was still in the hospital and she very much still had all her wits about her. Sister in law brought in a picture of father in law from WWII (he'd died almost 20 yrs before) so she'd feel more at home and maybe a bit less anxious. She looked at it and said There is my man! with a big smile, then said he'd told her he was coming for her. She said it again a few days later. After that the pain was so horrific they kept her too well medicated. She passed a few days after that. Often in the nursing home........even before we knew she had the bowel obstruction, we'd catch her talking to him, or she'd tell us we were blocking her view of him and could we please move. lol Seems from hearing the staff talk he visited her often there. And believe me.......this woman could remember her great great grandchild's birthday......no way was she confused. lol

    Hao.........well nice to know someone else realizes death has it's own smell. I'm not talking afterward.......but before. It tends to cling to the person or fill the house ect. Person may not even have a thing wrong with them. I first noticed it when I was about 5 yrs old. Can't say I've ever heard a sound to relate to it..........just the smell, and that's enough for me. It used to scare me more than the other stuff, didn't matter if it was family or not. Doesn't bother me too much now........Except I've always wondered if with strangers if I should say something........but then what do you say? omg And then they'd just think I'm a crazy lady and not take it as the warning it would be intended to be so would it even make a difference? So I just swallow hard and keep my mouth shut. ugh
  20. Andy

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    I am also here Jen. I don't have any experience with someone who has died. My eerie experiences are around those who are still alive (my sisters to be exact).

    One day at the end of my paper route, I saw an image of a car driving into the woods instead of following the curve in the road. Immediately my heart started to beat and I high tailed it back home with a deep fear for younger sister's safety. She was hiding in the woods from a car of teenagers who had followed her on her paper route. The car took off when the kids noticed me.

    She refused to tell my parents so I accompanied her on her route for about a month until one day she said she was fine - we had not seen those kids or vehicle so off on our seperate routes we went. At the end of mine, same image but this time it followed the curve in the road and disappeared. I rode bike home as fast as I could knowing it was my sister again. And again, the same car of kids followed her but this time did not follow her down our road.

    I also have a few connections with my twin sister. On two different occasions I felt a deep tug to go pick her up way earlier than the scheduled time. (the age before cell phones). I was with friends both times and had to sit down to recoup from the experience. They thought I was crazy when I told them I had to go because my sister was ready to be picked up. Sure enough, she was going to be done early both times and had jokingly told her friends that she would "call" me to come get here. It worked and it was spooky for me.

    Playing cards, I can't tell what cards my twin has but I can feel if what I play will be right for me or not based on what she holds. She says she can not read my mind as such because I don't have one to read! :) LOL!!!