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    kt has become more self aware .... more interested in the diagnosis's she carries & what she can do about it.

    PCA & kt went to the library today ~ kt came home with a book on bipolar, a book on PTSD & information on Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) (there were no books on that topic).

    "Mom, since I have these things I need to learn about them." Okay then. I told kt that this is a good thing. I also asked her to not overwhelm herself with the information & to please please please ask questions. That not everything in a book about these disorders/illnesses is set in stone nor applies to her.

    "ktbug, sometimes knowledge is dangerous. I'd like to see you understand what is going on ~ I don't want to see you become obsessed or frightened." She agreed to the above & is writing down questions for me or therapist.

    While there is a level of maturity behind this there is also a push for freedom & a driver's permit. Aghhhhhh!
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    I know KT has a very different background than Nichole.........but once Nichole took this step......it was her first steps onto the path of stability. I hope it proves to be the case for our kt bug as well.

    I'm glad you warned her that not everything she will read will apply to her nor is it set in stone. And glad she agreed to come to you with questions. This will help her alot along the way.

    I was a bit nervous when Nichole started this that she would believe herself to be incurably "crazy". Nor did it help that boyfriend was also trying to convince her of that when he wanted his way. But I knew adulthood wasn't that far off and at some point she was going to have to take over where I left off and be responsible for her own care/treatment ect. And I wanted her to be able to do that armed with knowledge.

    Nichole did very well with it. She became more proactive and involved in her treatment as her knowledge grew, and was more willing to try new behaviors to replace the old ones that didn't work. As I watched her progress (and I watched her closely) I backed off more and more.

    I'll hold good thoughts and keep my fingers crossed that kt does well with her new knowledge.

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    I also think this is a needed step though I think you are right to monitor it. I am decades older than her and I keep learning as I go.
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    How wonderful! Knowledge is power and can give her a lot of insight. But taken as gospel or taken out of context any info can be dangerous. It is wonderful that she is writing down her questions for you and/or therapist!!!

    This is a big step toward maturity. She is so intelligent to be researching all of this. I remember getting my diagnosis for the problems I had as a 14yo and all the stuff I learned. It is a big step toward taking charge of herself and her life.

    Big bear hugs to both of you!!!
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    That girl is something else! :D Good for her! And good for you for what you told her about what could or could not apply.

    Just a heads up though.....you know....cause we're dealing with difficult child's! :hammer:

    difficult child, while never looking things up on his own, would take what the psychiatrist or therapist would tell him and try to use it as excuses. Excuses for why he did something, why he didn't do something or why he was acting the way he was. Of course, he DOES fancy himself as a master manipulator (and he's quite good at it) and would only use the information to either get those not in the know to feel sorry for him or try to weasel out of things. Even to this day he doesn't really have much of an interest in managing his own health care. I don't know that Kt would do that but I've been there done that so I thought I'd put it out there.
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    Good for kt! I think it's great she wants to learn more but I understand your concerns and it sounds like you are handling it well with having her write down questions!