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    I recall a few people here were looking to take college courses online. This month's Reader's Digest has an article on where to find good online classes/lectures for free.
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    um..........Haz......if I don't GET Readers Digest? Can u um.....gimme the website for the freebie? Please? Merci' beacoup. (not learned on free website) lol
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    Thank you ladies -

    That one on it!
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    cool i'm going to look too. college on line is soo expensive i looked into it
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    Cannibalism? Oh yuck...
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    wait for it.......

    wait for it......

    mmmm mmmmmmm good.
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    Well, I was eating lunch...
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    Long pork, uh-huh. But stay away from the organ meats, just not good brain food.
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    I bet every library has copies of RD. If not, lol, go visit alot of Doctor/Dentist offices. Of course you'll have to wait awhile because those issues always seem to be many months old! DDD
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    Online education courses are a little expensive but in the long run it boosts your employability and of course, SALARY. Consider a respectable university that offers online courses plus gives away scholarship as well.