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    I forgot to give difficult child his vyvanse this morning!

    High school has started out really well. He didn't really display anxiety. Has lunch both even and odd days with a friend and likes all his classes (well, as much as you can like Algebra as a high school boy). German and JROTC the most. He also, out of 8 classes, has 5 male teachers. He needs those great male role models and historically does great with male teachers.

    Fingers crossed I haven't ended the long four day running streak of success!

    Keep your fingers crossed! I'll let you know at 2:30......

  2. klmno

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    Well since school just started back this week maybe he'll be able to slide by without too much problem. His classes sound good- I noticed that my son does better when he has some male teachers, too. And JROTC does wonders, in my humble opinion.
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    Sharon my son has his 1st male teacher this year and he is thrilled and so are husband and I. I think he will do just fine this year ( fingers crossed) as far as your difficult child forgetting his medications, I am sure he will do OK ... TGIF !:D