options to therapuetic day school


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the school system wants to send my son to one of these and gave me 4 to check out. i have not signed any agreement and am not sure what options there are if i don't agree. i've looked into the 4, somewhat, and really don't think any meet my difficult child's needs. they all have shortened school days with very limited acedemic teaching- they don't even have a school library. they all are for students with major conduct issues and have less than 30% success rate at returning kids to a public school.

My difficult child's home school feels like he is a major conduct problem because he violated the code of conduct 18 times from the start of the school year through the 3rd week of march. these incidents were primarily disruptive in nature with the only agression shown being 2 occassions where he punched another boy on the back- both of these were wrong, of course, but involved a friend who is much bigger, stronger, and more "hardened " than my son, so i look at it more like inappropriate rough-housing.

the day schools appear to be dealing with children primarily who have add/adhd and who have conduct histories involving behaviors like becoming aggressive with teachers, throwing chairs across the room, multiple fighting incidences, etc. Also, the iep team had previously discussed (a couple of times) putting my difficult child in sp ed classes at the home school, but agreed that it would only make matters worse because his problems weren't exactly the same. wouldn't placement in one of these schools be even more ineffective, and more extreme?

the home school has no counselor on board, except typical guidance counselors, and i have been told that the case manager (partial sp ed teacher) and guidance counselors have other duties that prevent them from having time to deal with my difficult child when incidences occur. Right now, they are implying that this is the only option they are going to give me.

does anyone know if i have any options here- can i "demand" that a specialized aid or counselor be put in the home school? i am trying to get an advocate on board, per some previous suggestions in another post here, but am having trouble locating one- apparently people here consider the school systems as having authority and power equal to the courts. I have learned one thing- they are very manipulative and don't mind being dishonest with parents. they want to make it look like parents are unwilling to work with them, but they have a "our way or no way" attitude.



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i am currently in a similar boat. i think difficult child would benefit from a Special Education behavioral classroom in the school but there isn't one nor is there a day school for his age in our area. i called an advocate today and he seemed to think that if difficult child was getting the proper support with-in the school that he would be doing better with-his violent outbrusts.

i think if you look at my reply to your post on the general board about advocates that they would be better able to answer this ? for you.

as far as i know lre is based on what the iep team determine so if the iep team says he needs the support you have suggested then the school would have to provide it.


If you can locate a day school that better suits your child's needs, you can recommend the placement to the IEP committee.

There's a parent proposal/attachment form at https://web.archive.org/web/2009102...es.com/Athens/Oracle/1580/twin_documents.html
that's helpful in this regard.

You might want to present your recommendations as option 1 being placement at home school if specialized aid/counselor is on campus, option 2 XYZ day school.

When there is a disagreement between parent and sd IEP committee members, the procedural safeguards outlines procedures available to resolve the disagreement (mediation, due process).