Organizational Goals for IEP


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Does anyone have any organizational goals in their child's IEP? My difficult child is very unorganized and if he doesn't learn to be organized now, he is going to have many more problems in school as time goes on.

He forgets his coat and lunch bags almost daily. I contacted the teacher who said that time of day is hectic and she would try to remind him. That didn't work. I contacted his IEP team lead and she made a sign to put on the door that says something like 'Did you remember your coat, lunch, backpack?'. She had difficult child help her hang it on the door. That didn't work. I am now wondering if we should add some organizational goals and objective to his IEP. Something like the following:

[difficult child] will increase his organizational skills for classroom work and homework from rarely to routinely being organized as measured by teacher and parent observation.

Objective #1 [difficult child] will utilize a personal daily checklist attached to his folder to ensure items are not forgotten
Objective #2 [difficult child] will utilize a homework folder with monthly assignment calendar so homework can be checked off by [difficult child] and signed off by parent daily

The inside of his desk is also a disaster - I remember when I was in school, we had desk inspection! I guess they don't have time for that now. He can never find anything, forgets things, etc. It's classic ADHD behavior. What will help him with this? I can't imagine him in Jr High or High School with several classes per day. Ugggh.

Any ideas?


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We had exactly these kinds of goals in my son's IEP. He was to use a "checklist" to remember to hang up his coat, put away his bookbag, etc.

He was also to write his assignments in his agenda daily and have the teacher sign (also on the checklist).

Plus, there was a goal of getting him to remember to check his classwork beofre turning it in. Double-check that he wrote his name on the paper, finished all the questions, did both sides of the worksheet, that sort of thing.

The IEP goals were to do these things daily "without prompting".

It was many, many, many days/weeks/months/years of "prompting" before these goals were met.