Our bunny died



I took our bunny, Candy, to the vet Wednesday because she had been out of her cage all night but wouldn't come out from behind the end table..wouldn't eat or drink either. Just before I called the vet, I got her to move and realized she wasn't using her right front leg. So they had me drop her off so they could work her into the schedule. They called later that day to say they had her hopping around and while she was lame in that leg, it didn't appear to be fractured. They were giving her some fluids and antibiotics and pain medications and I could get her Thursday. Sounded fine.

Vet calls 8am Thursday morning. He had come in at 11pm the night prior to check on Candy and a couple other patients and she seemed fine. When he got in at 5am Thursday morning, Candy had passed on. :crying: He didn't see it coming. Bunnies are fragile creatures, not unlike birds. It could have been infection. It could have been shock. We just don't know. She was only 6 months old and was just the sweetest thing. Not an attack bunny like some are...when you try to pick them up, some will bite and hiss.

I actually felt sorry for the vet. He was so upset. It probably didn't help that they knew I was unwell. I bet he hated having to make that phone call. He said they would hold her there until I was feeling well enough to pick her up, if we wanted to bury her. We do.

Candy was difficult child's bunny. She took such good care of her. I never had to remind her to clean the cage, give her food or check her water. I never had to prompt her to wash and cut fresh fruits and veggies for her. When bunny was roaming the house, difficult child always kept a close eye on her to make sure she wasn't getting into something she shouldn't be. She's taking it well, but I just wish that it were different for her.


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Im so sorry for your loss. Pets are special members of the family. We have had bunnies too. They are very nice pets.

I hope your daughter continues to take it well and things dont get too rocky.


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I am also sorry for your loss and that it happened suddenly. We have had bunnies, too. The last one we had died in my husband's arms while I watched on (we were about to rush her to the vet but it was too late). Very sad.

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I just wanted to send hugs your way. It can be devestating when you lose an animal, they have such a special place in our hearts, giving unconditional love when we need it.


Awe...So sorry. Glad to hear difficult child is taking it well.
I never had a pet growing up, now two dogs. They are my babies. so sad.


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It is so sad when this happens. I have had a lot to do with handling rabbits and have kept them occasionally as pets. I inherited another woman's rather vicious bunny when her house burnt down. I also bought my nephew a lovely silver-grey bunny for his birthday.

Our first rabbit had the free run of the house. He would stay in the bathroom during the day when we were at work, then we would let him out in the evenings and he would just potter around, going back to the litter tray in the bathroom when he needed it. His big flaw was chewing things - he got behind the freezer and chewed through the earth wire and through the insulation on the active wire too - we nearly had fried rabbit.
He hated to be picked up, while my nephew's rabbit was fine with it. But my rabbit was still cuddly - he would snuggle in, and lick my hand a lot. When we built our house we had an outdoor courtyard where he lived, wandering in and out of his cage. He lived to a very ripe old age - he must have been nearly 8 years old when he died.

Rabbits sometimes get a wasting disease, but generally later in life and the vet would have picked it up. If it was a tick the weakness would have been both legs, not just one. This could have been something neurological, like a brain tumour (damage to one side of the brain, motor area affecting one leg) and these things just happen. If that is what it was he was probably born with it and being young, it grew fast but you only noticed it when it affected his leg.
We were minding a lovely dog which never barked. She was playful, active and affectionate. We had her for a week but kept in touch. She was only two years old, but died suddenly of a brain tumour a few months later. Very sad. We had seen no sign of it.

Are you going to get another rabbit? Or another pet?