Our day had an interesting ending

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Late morning, difficult child and I rode bike into town (about 2 - 3 miles). It was a perfect day for the Summerfest celebration and a perfect day for a bike ride. difficult child made a sail boat at Home Depot craft station. All the tables for the eating area were in the sun so I asked if difficult child needed anything to eat or if we could wait until we got home. He stated he would wait and that he could grill out so we came home.

    difficult child noticed we did not have hamburger buns and asked if he could ride bike alone to a nearby gas station to get buns. It is only 1/4 mile away but across a busy street. I agreed and sent the track phone with with instructions to call me when he crossed the street (both times). I sent $3.00 which I believed was way more than enough. difficult child called to say he didn't have enough - 8 buns came to $3.19 and 12 buns $3.29. He said he would come home for more money and then go back to pay for it.

    The town parade was to start at 6:00 and like all parades, you should be there a good hour early to get a good place (for us it means a shaded area). We rode bike back down town (those who know me will be surprised I rode one time and shocked that I rode twice) and found a spot at the parade.
    difficult child went one block away to Pamida to buy beveridges. He then stayed at our spot while I went into town to get a corn dog and hamburger (too far away to send difficult child who may not know the turns needed). When I got back, found he had bought me a diet pop so sent him back to Pamida with money to get a regular pop and a heath bar and something for him. He didn't have enough money for his item so he made another trip. (dizzy yet from our comings and goings?)

    About 20 minutes before the parade was to start, a police officer came along to state the parade is cancelled, there is a severe storm on its way to town arriving in half an hour. We hightailed it home and got home about 10 minutes before the storm went through. The route home takes us under the storm warning siren. I told difficult child that was just to get people to clear out of town. "So that means a tornado will be going downtown?" "No, that means it was to get people to tune into a radio and stay safe" There were reports of three different tornados around but nothing near us. Some friends who have no tornado shelter came to our house to wait it out.

    Now, my easy child and her friends have decided to drive one hour to the next town to eat. Severe weather in either direction (north or south) they are going but "we are only going to eat and will come right back, call us if you hear anything!" AND WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS CALL IS ABOUT? FOOLISH!

    So, an interesting evening that I hope doesn't end in a harmful one for a vehicle load of stupid kids heading toward another storm.
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    Good to hear that difficult child stayed calm. But you have to wonder about those teen thought processes, don't you? Let us know when they get back and hope the storms don't do any damage.
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    It sounds like you had a really good day with difficult child. And 2 trips on the bike!!! My hiney is sore just thinking about it. (I haven't found a way to make a pillow stay on the bike seat.) :rofl: You go, girl!

    I hope easy child stays safe. I don't know what part of the country you're in, but these storms that have been coming through have been brutal.

    Let us know that she makes it home safely.
  4. Big Bad Kitty

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    I was pleased reading about your day! Good on your for all those bike rides.

    Do let us know when the kids get home safe. Stupid kids :p
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    I called easy child about 10:30/11:00, they just got back into town. She was home by 12:30.

    The parade has been rescheduled to 3:00 today. difficult child is not sure that he wants to go now - thinking I might need to make him just because his reason is he is still scared about yesterday. I am trying to tell him not to be so scared. The warnings are not to scare us but to make us aware that we need to do something to stay safe. The good news is he is not behaving like he is terrified.

    difficult child has baseball practice at 6:00 so we may not have time to ride bike to the parade and come home to get ready for baseball practice. May have to drive though I think I may try the biking to get him past his fear.