overheard difficult child say he wasn't ...



going back to his school in fall. He was talking to a friend and difficult child says, "I am not going back to that school". I just looked at him and said, where ARE you going? Well, in 6th grade difficult child was in a situation and turned in a name of someone who was selling drugs. This boy had threatened him numerous times. Both in and outside of school. Eventually this boy was caught many more times and other issues and he has spent the half of 6th grade, all of 7th grade in the detention center. Apparently difficult child got word that he will be coming back to school next year. So, he is terrified this boy will kill him. I told him that he will be safe and I will do what I need to to insure his safety. difficult child asked if I can get a restraining order on this boy. I honestly don't know WHAT I can do. But I don't want difficult child worrying about school just when it got out. Anyone know what I can do?


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First of all call the school and express your concerns. They may have some suggestions/ideas about the safety of your difficult child.

As far as the anxiety, difficult child seems to have come up with his own way of dealing with it - believe he is going to a different school. Wait until you know more to squash that thought.

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I agree that school should be made aware of the situation & your concerns.

All I can offer regarding the ensuing anxiety is to create a self calming plan with difficult child. Hang it out prominently & work with difficult child to utilize it. I have several copies hung about our home for kt.


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Yes, the school needs to be aware of this.
Plus, even though this kid was taking classes in juvie, he may have fallen behind. Any chance he won't move up a grade? I feel for your son. That only adds to his anxiety.
Good for him for turning in the kid.
Oh, by the way, that kid will probably end up back in juvie, so your son and other kids won't have to deal with-him for the whole yr. Just a thought.
Good luck.