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    Let's just say I'm not entirely sure that Duckie's teacher was talking about the correct student.


    She's academically on par or ahead except in the a few minor areas (correct capitalization & editing). The teacher isn't overly concerned because she's already seen an improvement in these areas in the last few weeks though Duckie still has work to do. She's also very proud of her because Duckie and another student were able to read statements to our local library Board of Trustees regarding budget cuts, she even had Duckie and the other girl read them to the other multi-age students.

    We agreed that this change came about once Duckie started the asthma maintenance medications.

    Her math teacher commented that she's a bright child, but will need to work harder on memorizing her subtraction math facts but is otherwise doing fine.

    The Occupational Therapist (OT) is finding her to be a very interesting child. She's finding more subtle problems but says Duckie is trying new things and doing as asked though she does seem to hesitate at first.

    So there you have it... I'm overjoyed. :thumbsup:
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    Way To Go, Duckie!!

    :cheerleader: :bravo: :bravo: :angel2:

    Oh- congratulations to you too, Mom!!:bigsmile:
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    Yes! Way To Go! Jumping for joy with you!
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    Wow!! Thats great!!!:congrats: I'm so happy for both of you!

    Good job Mom
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    I am so happy to hear this report! Very cool.
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    I am so glad you had a great P/T conference! It is especially great that the asthma maintenance medications are making a big difference. When you don't have trouble breathing you don't realize how it can impact every part of your life. (As my brother used to say, "Breathing is NOT optional." - he had a lot of asthma problems, still has some.)

    Does Duckie have sensory issues? I was thinking she did. I know with thank you that the sensory issues make it tough for him to identify when he is having asthma problems before he gets to the "cough till you puke" stage. Is that something you can work on to further make her life better?

    I am SO PROUD of duckie for her hard work and improvement! Give her a big ole smoochie from board Auntie susiestar!

    There are kids songs about numbers and math facts and things. Borders has had quite the range of them whenever I have looked. there are also electronic math games that make it fun to practice, an of course computer games. thank you is having fun with the old ones we had from Wiz. The only specific music I remember was "Bethie's Songs about Math". It was a big hit on car trips for a few years, though it may be a bit young for Duckie.

    Many hugs,

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    Thanks ladies. :) It's a heady feeling to start to see the child you always knew was in your difficult child. I actually fought back tears on the way home.

    Yes, Susie, Duckie has a long history of sensory problems as well as difficulty sleeping. Asthma was never considered a factor before this fall because she never once wheezed. Ever. I suspect now that it may have been a factor all along.
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    TM, you are most likely right about asthma being there all along.

    When she is having trouble with asthma she likely may not know it. From what I have gathered from Tyler, he often just feels out of sorts, or sometimes very frantic. I imagine what it would be like to not get enough air, and I would probably be quite frantic myself. When thank you is unable to concentrate on anything, or has a certain look I can't really describe, I have him just STOP and breathe. I have him go through his body and see if he is feeling out of breath. He is learning to recognize those symptoms, rather than waiting for that horrible cough (he never wheezed until a couple of months ago - and he has had asthma since birth.)

    Anyway, I just wanted to share that. It can make a big difference to work with our sensory challenged kids on focusing on their breathing and how they feel before and after the albuterol. But you really do have to work with them, esp with the sensory issues.


  9. Nancy423

    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    awwww, FANTASTIC JOB DUCKIE! It's always so relieving to hear the teachers say the good stuff. (We also had a fantastic P/T meeting in Oct for difficult child!)
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    I felt bad about our P/T conf for thank you. I was sick with a migraine and missed it. But I email the teacher every couple of weeks, and I knew things were at least OK.

    When we got the report card it was ALL As. This is the first year the S comes with a %, and his were ALL above 90. AND he had NO, Zip ZERO absences or tardies. He isn't having NEAR the sensory issues this year. Not sure if it is maturity, a calmer classroom, brushing, or what, but it is great. In just ONE quarter last year he missed 14 days. In another last year he missed 9 days. We didn't have problems about attendance because it is in his 504, and because this school is AMAZING at working iwth parents. But it is a great change to have gone from missing 1/2 of the time to missing None of the time.

    anyway, I am glad that Duckie is doing so well, and I hope you can use what you know about the sensory stuff to help her get her asthma under control, help her realize when she needs help for it.