Pain worse, ugh!!!

Hi family,

I am now 9 days post L4-5 microdiskectomy with lots of clean up from previous surgery 13 years ago.

Man oh man, I really don't remember being in this much pain, ever! I have a call into home care nurse who is supposed to be contacting Neurosurgeon. My right leg is in such spasm I can hardly stand it.

medications I am on: Norco 10/325 mg 1 every 4 hours, Soma (muscle relaxer) 350mg every 6 hours, Ampitriptyline 25 mg once daily (I think it is a nerve medication), Motrin 800 mg 3 times daily, Senakot 4 daily, plus my usual Paxil, Estradiol, and Xanax .5mg 3 times daily.

PT will be out tomorrow morning and home care nurse might come out if she can get orders for some sort of pain shot. I can't sleep well, guess I am keeping husband awake with me moaning alot.

Not sure why I am posting, just feeling very much the need to vent. I am depressed that every day the pain is worse and not better.

On a happy note, husband surprised me with a new kitten. She is a 6 month old Marble Bengal and a real little love. We have a 2 year old male Spotted Bengal and are in love with the breed. She is already eating and knowing where the litter box is.

Can't think of any names yet. But her marbling has the shape of a perfect "O" and "K" on her right shoulder, can't come up with a name with those letters yet. Throw up some ideas if you can, about my pain and about names!



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Vickie...Im sorry you are still in this much pain. I dont think this is normal to be honest. My dad had a similar surgery a couple of years ago and he came out feeling better but they squirted some sort of steroid into the canal I believe. Not sure if they do that all the time or not.

The medications you are on may not be strong enough to carry you thru right now. Amitriptoline is a tricyclic antidepressant...elavil. They use it for chronic pain. It works for some. Cant prove it by me.

The other things you are on are fairly generic medications for what you have. Nothing really stands out as being cutting edge or aggressive. Honestly...I have taken stronger medications without just having surgery. It sounds like you need something stronger to cut the pain and then make sure you stay ahead of the pain.

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I've got to agree with Janet. Hon, you're in pain ! If it were me, I'd be demanding a real pain medication, not motrin or elavil. At least til you get past the worst of it. Sheesh! I got more for my broken shoulder than you're getting.

((((hugs)))) Hope it starts feeling better soon.

Sue C

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I'm with the need to ask for stronger pain medications.

As far as your new kitten, how about Okie? by the way, Angela has a bengal cat. They are a beautiful breed. Her cat's name is Kya.

Lol Sue! That is one of the names on the list of suggested names.

Also: Kayo, Jolee, Jovey, Jazz, Kali, Princess, Precious, Madison (Madi), Maggie, Chloe.

I am really stuck here on names, must be the medications kicking in!

Daisylover: I am on Norco, which is a stonger version of Vicodin. I will be taking an extra one right before bed, so maybe that will help.

Thanks and hugs,


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<span style="color: #660000">i'm so sorry, vicki. it seems pretty clear you need a stronger pain medication. truthfully, i'd be asking neuro about a trial of something like dilaudid. it's strong for sure, but it's extremely effective.

hope they come up with-something to help.

kris </span>


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Vickie, I'm so sorry that you are in such pain. It is so hard to recover from back surgery when it takes the pain away, it must be extremely difficult to recover if the pain is worse. Have you contacted the surgeon to see if he can check and make sure that everything is okay and no infection has set in?
Thanks all, hopefully the home health nurse will get through to the Neurosurgeon today, I didn't sleep more than about an hour last night. Tried an ice pack, tried mild heat, tried pacing around, took an extra Motrin and Norco. NOW I am sleepy but didn't help to much during the night. I think I will call Charge Nurse and remind her that I am still waiting!

As for the kitten, drum roll please:

<span style='font-size: 14pt'><span style="color: #993399">Mylee</span></span>

Of course, she is named after the girl who plays Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. Aly loves the name, husband and I are getting used to it. easy child 2 just came over on his lunch break from work and thinks she is too cute and loves the name. So I guess it's a winner. She is just such a little love bug. She and Jake are tolerating each other right now, but I bet by the weekend they will be best buds!

Hugs again and thanks!!!

<span style="color: #993399">Vickie </span>


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I am sorry you are in pain. it is not a good thing to be there. I have bursitis in my hip that has hurt a few dys now. I cannot think about anything else. It does help to soak in the tub for me.

kittens are so cute!