parent strategies for teens


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A good friend has a daughter who is still under 21 and involved with the juvenile justice system. She has put her parents thru the mill. Her parents are tough love advocates and good loving parents. her dad told me about this resource and I am passing it on:


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by the way, this girl is now living at home like ant, and is going to community college and behaving. the site listed has scenarios to play out and ideas on the lower left side once you get in there.

they list a nice map for substance abuse treatment centers,

you can check your state as well as narcanon mtgs in your own area and finally a law to commit your child to drug/alcohol care against their will

and AA stuff

read some of the articles on diff subjects if you can


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as I said, just go down the left side of the site and click on them for some eye openers and real life stuff!

also, Key Role Plays

What are these role plays?

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Thanks for the links. I've been reading through parts of them. I have to admit, I get PTSD reading some of it.

The involuntary commit is something we did with our son. We didn't initially have him committed to a substance abuse treatment facility, but that was the goal. We initially had him signed in against his will to a psychiatric facility. Fortunately for us, the doctor there agreed that difficult child was was a threat to himself and others because of the drugging. It was a fine line, but we were fortunate that he worked with us. Eventually, difficult child was transferred to a different facility once the crisis bed was needed.

My difficult child was a minor then, and although one has to want to get better, "nudging" them is sometimes necessary. While they are high, of course they don't want to agree to treatment.

I've bookmarked the site and will continue to read.