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    OMG, I'm just fit to be tied. Got a call first thing this morning from school SW because Diva had walked into school crying. Because SW is aware of situation with thank you and has had a lot of contact with- Diva over the years, she pulled her aside.

    Story I get from SW is that Weeburt was hitting Diva on the way to school. She's sounding very serious and concerned and all that good stuff. Diva has told SW that she (Diva) can't talk to me because I think it's all drama and don't "pay attention". Great, just wonderful.

    Blah blah blah blah, thank you very much for calling, I'll address it.

    Wee said something to Dee, Dee smacked him, he smacked her back, he doesn't know if she was crying when she went into school or not. Knowing these two, she shoved him and he flipped her hair (he's a full foot taller than her now and her hair is an irresistable target). I get identical story from her with the clarification that what he said to her was "I'd hate to be one of your kids". Oh yeah, we're having fun now.

    I haven't yelled in a very long time - we're talking years now, not since the candle incident with thank you in 2004 - but I just lost it, on each kid individually and then the 2 of them together. You have *got* to be kidding me. He knows better than to say anything to her about anything - she's not called Diva for nothing. She knows better than to lay hands on him, and vice-versa - I don't care if she knocks him to the ground, hands to himself. Then for *her* to walk crying into school??? Claiming bro was hitting *her* when she started it????

    And she kvetches (to school SW of all people) that I won't listen to her when it's this kind of garbage day in and flipping day out????

    :hammer::919Mad::hammer: :919Mad: :hammer:

    Deep breath. I have once again reminded them that when Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy, and I am *so* not happy right now. Wee's lost internet, Diva her phone and social life, indefinitely. I told each one of them that they were not individually responsible but they were *both* equally responsible for this ridiculousness. I told them I will not be addressing this kind of behavior with them again. Any repeats and they will feel my unhappiness for an extended period of time and I will not feel the need to explain myself.

    They're good kids, really, and I think because of our family situation they are actually very close - certainly far closer than I ever was with my bro. They've just been like an old bickering couple for the last several weeks and it's driving husband and me crazy. Wee is so passive/aggressive, with some sneakiness thrown in, and Diva is just so doggone DRAMA. Sheesh.

    Next year they'll be going to school in 2 different towns so instead of worrying about what kind of drama is going on during their walk to school, I'll get to listen firsthand as I drive them. Anticipaaaaation..... ;)


    Oh - I did email SW to let her know what actually happened this morning. She just had that ... sound to her voice, like Wee was hurting Diva and I was ignoring it or something (or I'm just totally paranoid at this point). UGH!
  2. totoro

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    I can just hear the *whining* in the voices... she touched me, he looked at me. Good for you for holding them accountable!
    I believe/have heard even easy child's are tiring!
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    I'm so sorry they dragged this drama into your life. Kids can be SOOOO drmatic. Jess had one nurse practitioner convinced Wiz was beating her daily and he hadn't lived here for over 2 years!!! It drove me nuts - but with documentation the NP backed down from insisting that jess was being abused now.

    I feel your pain, really. Make them miserable for a while, that usually helps here.

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    I hear ya! Don't understand why siblings have to annoy each other so much. I have an 18 yr girl and a 12 yr old boy. You would think with 6 years apart they could stay out of each other's way? NOPE When difficult child was about 4 years old he was very excited that 10 yr daughter was having a friend over. Why? "Good, now I get to bug them." Honestly! I didn't thinks kids actually PLANNED this stuff.

    And my DIVA is just as guilty in annoying her much younger brother as he does her.
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    I'd like to say that now that mine are grown all that is gone. But then I'd be lying thru my teeth. It's better in most ways, but they still do it from time to time. Most especially the 2 still at home.

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    Oh the fun of all the drama! Not! Sorry you are having to deal with all of this-yuck!
  7. Fran

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    easy child's do like to make sure that we give them their rightful amount of attention don't they?
    The need to make sure that some adult realizes we ignore our kids seems to be a trademark easy child behavior.
    They will get theirs when they have kids. I'll laugh when it happens to them.
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    I was amazed at how quickly Miss KT and #2 son fell into this when Hubby and I got married. He looked at me, she moved my book, he called me heifer @ss, she touched my spiky hair...hands over ears singing la la la la la...

    Hope tomorrow is a more peaceful day.
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    Sue, how "diva" like. As I've never had a easy child in my home I struggle to grasp this concept & how to deal with it.

    Let me know how this turns out.
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    Your day sounds like my day, but mine are just younger and take the bus. I feel your pain.