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    easy child lives only a half block away from me down an alley. I watch her boys several nights a week.

    Well she lives on a side street that leads into a 5 way light intersection of 2 highways. She is the 2nd house on the street. Her neighbors are on the corner........nice enough I suppose but a really strange lot of people. I noticed last week that this hunting dog (not sure exact breed but I do recognize it as a hunting breed) was wandering near their house. They would call to it on and off.....which I thought was to try to keep it out of that awful intersection. They own a jack russel whom they really don't take very good care of. They've been calling the dog Blue. Never seen them give him food / water.

    Yesterday I spotted "Blue" at my house. I thought he was going to come up and take some food.......but he got nervous and wandered off. I put out water today hoping the heat would overcome his shyness because I wanted to snap a picture of him to post him as Found on fb and call the dog warden. But he didn't show up today.

    Late this evening.........easy child calls me. Blue is under sister in law's trailer and won't come out. Neighbors told her that he was hit by a car and they tried to get him to come out but he wouldn't. So what does easy child do? She calls me. I told her to give him some water and I'd bring food. Our dog warden doesn't work after 5pm and there is only 1. If you take an animal to a vet here (if you can find one open at night) YOU pay the bill.......uh, no.

    So I had to make a cigarette run anyway......and stopped at easy child's house with a bag of dog food and a dog bowl (yes, I do have several just sitting around LOL ) I went to the trailor and sure enough Blue was under there. I go to where he is and kneel down talking all sweetness to him (he's hurt, I have no clue his state of mind) and fill the dog bowl with dog food while asking easy child to see if she has a bigger bowl for water.

    Next thing I know, this dog the neighbors had been trying to coax out from under the trailor for hours, was suddenly in front of me with his head buried in my chest and his tail wagging. Moving made him cry out in pain. (gawd what a horrible sound) He would not move. He wanted me to love him and make him better. Freaking broke my heart. He's probably got a broken front left leg. Otherwise he seems ok. But he hurts terribly. And he's scared. And he wants his people. And he wanted me to not leave him.

    I stayed with him a while, petting him, coaxing him to eat and drink. Neighbors kids are little kids and they're asking their parents if I'm a vet (these kids see me all the time for pete's sake) if I'm gonna fix him, if I'm gonna bring him back when I fix him. I tell them I"m not a vet, I just brought him some food and I'm trying to help him feel better. I had Travis take pics of Blue so I could get him posted onto my fb page and all the local community pages so maybe we can find his family. I told easy child to call the dog warden first thing in the morning so he could come pick the dog up and get him medical care, which she is going to do.

    The kids heard me and were none too happy. They have it in their heads this is their dog. (he's not) Just like they got it into their heads the stray kittens easy child was caring for were their kittens. I can understand that. They're little kids would love animals.

    What ticked me off was the adults started calling Blue and whistling to him trying to get to him to go over there as Travis and I were leaving. Blue had retreated under the trailer to begin with to get away from them, especially the kids.

    What made me furious during all this was that these people had wrapped a towel around Blues hind quarters "trying to help him" by making a sling (wtf??).......they spent hours trying to get him out from under the trailer. But not once did it occur to them to bring the poor suffering dog a bowl of water in 104 degrees! Or to pick up the phone and call the dog warden before he went off duty so that he could be taken to a vet! omg And they had the freaking nerve to call him as we walked away!? Why so they could make him walk on his injured leg? Because it sure as heck isn't like they'd take him inside or anything.

    Stupid people are really ticking me off lately. Now I can understand the kids fretting over the dog they've grown attached to. But wth would adults be calling to an injured dog they don't intend to help, have not helped........other than traumatizing the poor thing trying to get a "sling" on the wrong part of it's body. omg He has food/water, can sleep under the trailer safely all night no problem.

    I didn't attempt to move Blue because I have no where to put him. He'd been hit by a car. I have no idea if he has any other injuries other than the shoulder. (I don't think so but I don't know for sure) easy child was going to let him sleep under the trailer because she has no where to put him either. We gave him plenty of food and water to hold him until morning when she calls the dog warden.

    In the middle of posting..........I *might* have a lead on his owner. Or it might just be someone who was kind enough to feed and water him. I'll see if I can contact them in the morning.
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    I wonder if you could call the police dept. and they would do something since the dog was hit by a car. The poor guy shouldn't have to wait so long. Those people are idiots, the poor dog.
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    Police won't pick him up. They'll just tell me to wait until the dog warden comes on duty in the morning. I did tell easy child though, if she has a hard time contacting the muzzle him with gauze and have sister in law gently put him into the car and drive him out to the pound. He needs vet care.

    If my lead on a possible owner pans out, they can go to the pound and claim him.

    Poor fella. OMG he was so very sweet. I hate that he has to continue to suffer tonight. And I hope to heck he has an owner somewhere that sees the fb postings. I'm worried it's another case of We can't afford to feed they let him loose. D@mn economy. ugh
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    I am so angry I could spit nails. I don't understand how come so many people can be so damned ignorant!! Did you tell them to stop calling him? I hope they didn't let their kids keep going over there - the poor baby needs rest and a cool place. I hope he made it through the night and gets the care he needs. Is your dog warden nice? Ours is nice, but not very capable of capturing and picking up big dogs. Sometimes the wardens just 'catch' the animal without care and end up hurting them more. Please update. You're a kind soul.
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    easy child called the dog warden but only got his voice mail. (typical) I reminded her that vets in town close at noon (but it's friday they close at 5pm, not enough coffee yet) and if she didn't see/hear from the guy she needed to muzzle Blue and have sister in law lift him into the car and run him out to the pound. Otherwise poor boy will not see a vet until Monday. Because I dunno if the pound can get a vet to come out for them or not.

    *owner* thing didn't pan out. I did get tons of responses, but it seems from those responses he's been a stray for quite a while..........folks in the area have been feeding watering him because he is so darn sweet and lovable. And I admit, he's rather stubborn about you giving him affection when he wants it. LOL One mom said he's been walking her daughter home from work every night, daughter had grown quite fond of him, and felt safe with him next to her.

    People around here are really bad about if they don't want the animal, can't afford to take care of the animal, can't move with the animal..........they dump the animal. It makes me livid. (probably somewhat because too many of them wind up on my doorstep) They still firmly believe the pound means "death", and our no kill shelter is ALWAYS full to capacity. But our pound no longer means instant death. They have a great bunch of volunteers that foster, find families to adopt, and find rescues for the that our death rate has dropped profoundly. We actually see more dogs find loving families from the dog pound than the no kill shelter these days. And regardless........being put to sleep is far better than having been hit by a car, in severe pain, lying in 104 degrees with no water. omg But that is why no one called the dog warden until this morning when easy child did it. Actually had a few of those people get mad that we were doing so. I asked them if they were going to pay for his vet care. That seems to have shut them up quick enough. Idiots.
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    Most animal control offices work weekends. least in major areas. The shelter may not be open but animal control is. Jamie has been on call even on Xmas day.
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    :rofl: Our animal control works 5 days a week from 9am until 5pm and that is if he's not off getting drunk somewhere. And no they won't fire him cuz he's the only person who wants the job. Most dogs arrive at the pound by concerned citizens bringing them in, not via the dog warden. I don't think in all the many many times I've called him over the years have I spoken to him personally more than once. And then?? He didn't show up. I had to take the dog myself. omg

    I have had the owner contact me and we've compared photos and are pretty darn certain it's the same dog. His name is Patches and he's been missing since April 7th from waaaaay out of town. His mommy wants him back in the worst way, and we're doing our best to get them back together again. He just has to come back around. ugh easy child is watching for him. I'm watching for him. Many folks in the general area are watching for him now too. So, hopefully we can get Patches back to his family. His mommy called every vet in the area and both the pound and no kill shelter and no one has taken him he's still out there, poor guy. :(
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    what pray tell does your dog warden make a year lisa? If you say anything even remotely close to what Jamie makes Im gonna puke!