perfect grad gift for difficult child 2

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    Hi Everyone,
    I am excited about my "genius" idea for difficult child 2/easy child's high school graduation gift (it looks like she will actually graduate). I asked her brother, C, who is living out in Seattle, if he would like to come home for her graduation and I would pay for the plane ticket. He was very excited to come. M (difficult child 2) had just mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she wished her brother could come for her graduation. Also, she often says how much she misses him and she talks about him a lot.

    So, I just made the plane reservations--he will be here for 4 days (a Tuesday-Sat.). I am keeping it a surprise for M. I did tell her I had an awesome graduation gift picked out for her so she is very curious. She hadn't asked me for anything so she can't imagine what it would be. Hope I can keep the secret!

    Thanks for listening...

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    What a perfect gift!
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    Jane, what a wonderful gift! I know she'll love it! (she doesn't know that you post here, does she???)

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    Do you have a big enough box??????

    We "gave" my uncle to my grandparents one year for their 50th anniversary. We actually took a box, cut out the bottom, wrapped it (except for the bottom) and had him kneel down and we put the box over him. They unwrapped the box, opened it up and there he was!
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    Perfect! :)
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    That is a great gift!

    Will your daughter be attending a SUNY? Mine will be a frosh at one in the fall and she is so excited.
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    What a great idea!
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    Cool! What a wonderful idea. She'll be thrilled.
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    Now THAT is a totally cool idea! Talk about your perfect gifts....hope he wears a bow. lol