PET went well...Special Education. teacher surprised us

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    We had difficult child's PET the other day. She has only been going for half days because we were trying to slowly transition her back after not being there for so long(after spending a lot of time in and out of the hospital for a year). We're ready to start lengthening her day and will increase it through lunch and possibly a little longer..depends on the school transportation van times. We were all in agreement with that. The Special Education. teacher and I keep a daily notebook and she always lets me know that difficult child has a very difficult time staying focused so I thought they may be pushing for ADD medications at the meeting. We have tossed the idea around and are not opposed to it but not really sure they are needed at this time. When we brought up the fact that we might be asking the psychiatrist about it the next day, the Special Education. teacher said she thought that while difficult child's focusing needs work, she feels she's ok without medications. at school :smile: So, we have decided to leave the ADD medications. on the shelf for now. The school agreed on just about everything we feel difficult child needs. Getting it all implemented will be the kicker. The Occupational Therapist (OT) and PT and ST will be easy but the social skills/friendships work will be harder.

    She's in the middle of a good part of her cycle...its been about 3+ weeks with no major outbursts and that was another reason for holding off on any other medications for now. She's been weaning off the Prozac and the psychiatrist gave us the go ahead to stop altogether yesterday. Everyone agrees that its possible that the Prozac ramped her moods up a bit and that hopefully the physical aggression won't be an issue after she's off it. It was also agreed that even though she's still more irritable than the norm, its maintable and not enough to try a new mood stablizer at this time so for now, she's medication free :woohoo: She's psyched about that. husband and I are too but we're also holding our breath. Our next visit is with the pcp and she may want to try difficult child on a medication. for bladder control but we'll see. We're so hoping that the she stays stable with the mood. Ok, so maybe the mood isn't completely stable but this is the most stable we've seen in a long time and we'll gladly take it. :smile:
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    WOW.... :smile:....I love to read posts that make everyone smile. I'm happy for you & your family that things are positive at school along with being "better" at home!!!!!
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    Great update! :bravo: