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Why is it that we can't ever seem to get something through their heads the first time?

The schedule is working out great, I even adjusted it today to get some walking time in for me with all the kids riding bikes etc. Of course only seconds after my oldest easy child took off his knee pads, he slid along the pavement scraping up his entire left leg from the knee down to the ankle...besides that, all went well on the walk.

Our problem is the bickering during family time. Our oldest difficult child has to tell us the rules to the game, when we have the rules right in front of us. Then he is so sure that hes right, he just plays the way he thinks even though everyone is saying thats not how to play the game. Which made me think of basket A, but its awfully hard to make the other kids understand basket A when its a game they want to win. Then, he finally concedes to the rules and we move on, only moments later that rule he conceded to earlier, applies to him when hes about to win and its another outburst. Who knew UNO could be so frustrating?

Then my youngest difficult child, even though hes figured the game out, refuses to play unless we tell him what he needs to play and then we get penalized because who knew that this was a rule in UNO that if you talk over the table, you have to draw two cards. So then of course the others think hes doing this on purpose and they get mad when it means they tell him and they have to draw two.

It was almost comical it was so rediculous.

It starts with...How do I play? Well, you play this. Draw two mommy! Grrrrrrrrr

I love my children...I love my children...I love my I'm the one who needs things repeated for it to sink in!

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Depending on the age, I let rules slide a bit in games. As the tweedles mature, we are teaching them that the rules apply to them in games as in all parts of their lives. Now, I remind kt of the rules & has to play by them. It may end the game, however kt generally comes back in 10 minutes & wants to play again.

For either of my children to have & keep friends they need to learn the rules & boundaries of life, even games.

For the most part your day sounded like a good one. I'm glad the new structure is working so well for you


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My difficult child changed the rules all the time. So, I started agreeing to play her way if we wrote down these new rules. The next time we played I got to choose the rules ( I always choose the real way to play the game so she knew how to play at other's houses ).

It was neat to see her creativity in changing the rules sometimes. Other times it was just so she could win. But, she quickly learned that those rules could easily help me win, too.


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I have to laugh because *technically* in Uno ATTACK, you *DO* have to draw two (i.e. hit the button twice) if you make a play suggestion to another player during play! LMAO. Not sure if that rule is in all the Uno games or not. LOL

Yeah...M is a big stickler for the them real or made up (though he thinks they're real). He'll make a great lawyer some day, if he can get his facts straight!

Glad your schedule is working out great though! :smile:


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It is a rule on the new UNO spin too. The boys were given a large amount of cash from my bio dad this weekend. To curb them blowing it, or from getting taken advantage of from their siblings and giving it away, with nothing to show, I made each kid spend at least $20 on a family game. I don't like it when my bio dad does this, I think its too much $ for a kid to have. Especially when I know how often my middle difficult child gets taken advantage of and ends up with nothing. Hes just a pushover.