Phys. Rehab Update


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Son is stable on psychiatric medications. He is standing with the help of a walker. He does not need support from another person when he is standing. He can take a couple of steps. Speech is slurred and his memory retention is poor.


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That is what, 2? 3? weeks. That is FAST. He has only started healing. It will take time, but he can come a long way up yet. The ability to walk is HUGE in someone who has had a stroke.

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This is good news, Pasa. It will take some time, but he has his youth on his side. Wishing you peace of heart and mind, and continued progress in your son's healing.



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That does sound very positive. Strangely, it may turn out that this stroke saves his life. He'll have no access to street drugs, get stable on his psychiatric medications, and physically he's improving quickly for how serious his condition was. Fingers crossed and prayers said.

Jabber has a nephew who basically blew himself up. (He's not a terrorist, just an idiot; it's a long story). He lost one arm below the elbow and most of his other hand as well - and very nearly died. His mother credits that injury with saving him. Sometimes things happen for the best, odd as it seems at the time.

I hope you are handling things well and taking care of yourself. :hugs:


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Thank you for the update. I have thought of you and your son often. It all sounds very optimistic. How are you doing with it all?


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Pasa, thank you for the update. I'm sure it's very hard to see him like that. Please let us know how you are coping with all of it when you can.

Praying for a good outcome...


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He has a long way to go. He can only stand for very short periods of time and 1r 2 steps. He has weakness on his left side and his speech and cognition are the two biggest issues. He needs help remembering how to do the simplest of tasks.

Liz, You are quite right about this halting his destructive life path.


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He has a long way to go
It will come.
One of my relatives lost his right side to stroke. So, not the speech impact. But other impacts. This was decades ago, before current rehab approaches. He was sent home in a wheelchair. Family advised to just put him in a nursing home.

His wife was "mean" (not - but for a few years people thought she was). Wouldn't do things for him until he had exhausted himself trying. It took a few years. He got so he could: walk, drive, write with his left hand (he had been right handed), carry things with his right arm (like a briefcase or suitcase), dress himself, personal care including shaving... and every one of these things "they" said he would "never" be able to do.

Remember... this is without modern rehab. DIY approach. And it was amazing.



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PASA, thank you for the update. I have been looking to see how you both are doing, and missed this. I guess we are all in agreement that the silver lining is the stroke has slowed him down so that his maturity can catch up. I am so pleased that he is stable on psychiatric medications. Like others I have known people much older than he who have made remarkable recoveries from stroke.

You have both been through so much.

How are you?

PASA is he back in your city or do you have to drive far to see him?