pizza parade- not fun!!!


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Well from the hours of 545pm until 630 pm. we had 5 different pizza delivery guys at our house. None of which we ordered. We called the police and after them talking to the boys we know it wasn't them. During this time we also had 2 notes on the front dooor for the pizza guys to ring the bell 5 times as "we are hearing impaired". :hammer:
Good lord- we live in a difficult child neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The police will check the cell phone used, same one each time duh!! Seems like our little pranksters aren't real smart. They will get back to me tomorrow. Two of the guys left the pizza for us. One was really ticked off and I don't blame him. Beside their loss of money it has been pouring all day. :blush:


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God some kids aren't so swift, after all this IS the era of call display ! They'll get caught and I bet their parents will be none to pleased!
Only positive of this annoyance is the free pizza :wink:. Was sharing this post with difficult child and he was like "Free pizza? Man they could prank US that way each Friday night if it meant even one pizza place would leave the pizza for nothing" HAHAHA. difficult child's in difficult child land !



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These poor pizza dilivery guys use their own car and gas. They deliver in all kinds of weather and they frequently don't get tipped. they are usually kids in school trying to earn spending money. The last thing they need is to be victimized by jerks who think pranking thier neighbor at the expense of a kid delivering pizza is funny. Hope the pranksters get caught and that they get consequences. Can you tell I once had a pizza dilivery guy in the family? My godson did it summers to help pay for his books whn in college. -RM


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There wasn't one that was under 25 tonight and 1 was a Dad my husband knew from coaching football 3 years ago.
I was not happy. I can't wait for the police to track that cell phone. I didn't have any cash in the house as I wasn't prepared for this.
I felt really bad for them. The police officer did as well.
We did talk to the boys and use it as real life learning tool.


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Wow, what jerks in your neighborhood! I used to deliver pizzas, eons ago. It is hard, thankless work. The drivers are out $, and out the opportunity to make tips on valid deliveries.

And now you WILL have trouble getting pizza delivered. Your name will go on a list. At the BEST they will call you back to make sure you actually ordered the pizza. Possibly several different people will call you. Each time you order pizza.

Tipping, even paying for the pizza would not change this. At least not in our town.

So sorry you had to deal with this.




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Oh my gosh! I can't even believe that! I feel bad for you and for the parade of delivery guys. Jeesh.

I'll bet the prankster(s) live close enough so that they were able to watch the situation unfold. Hope the police catch the little sweeties and make them pay restitution for the pizza.


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I live in a difficult child neighborhood also. I finally got caller ID on my home phone after getting a string of prank calls from one difficult child neighbor. Even though they have their number set to "Private", I simply don't pick up the phone. I don't pick up "private" calls on my cell, and now I don't on my home phone. Plus, anyone who knows me, that calls, can leave a voice mail if they choose to go "private".

I hope they catch the little creeps. I'm sure they were watching the whole thing. They think they are hurting you, when, in fact, they are hurting the pizza delivery people.