Please explain childhood bipolar to me.

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  1. Hi everyone!

    My son has been diagnosed ADHD and PTSD. He is on Vyvanse 50 mg. for during the school day and Seroquel XR in order to counteract the effects of the Vyvanse and allow him to sleep throught the night and keep the bad dreams away (according to the psychiatrist).

    Well, I am a little concerned because he is on such a large dose of Vyvanse, but it seems to work well for him. He went from straight U's to straight S's in conduct and academics. The grading scale is E=Excellent, S=Satisfactory, N=Needs Improvement, U=Unsatisfactory.
    According to the teachers and staff, getting an A is something very few students get and S is the best most Kindergarteners can achieve-like an A to the normal non-gifted student. Just quoting the teacher and counselor here

    So anyways, I am a little concerned because he has become a little more aggressive than normal and fits are becoming a little more over the top. I am concerned he may not need the high dose anymore and needs to have his medications adjusted.

    Now, We are under alot of pressure right now due to the fact that my father in law, whom I adore and to whom my son is extremely bonded to, has been in the hospital for two weeks. We are trying to keep things as normal as possible but there is no denying things have changed for us all as he will have to live with us for 4 months after the surgery waiting for his leg to heal.

    Also, the psychiatrist has been pushing that she feels he may be bipolar because of the fact that he has tantrums. I thought this was common in an ADHD child. I know he can control it because he can turn it off on a dime when someone walks in or we are in school or wherever. His teacher saw him throwing down with me and he was so ashamed he stopped immediately and was able to control himself with effort on his own part. Now, I have studied and heard that bipolar is something that happens, not something one can turn off and on on command. I know I am not wording this right, so please feel free to help me elaborate what I am trying to say.

    A little history, my youngest, when he was 2 months old, was broken into six pieces (3 stages of healing in the breaks) while in the care of his biological parents and my oldest probably witnessed that act and also other acts of violence within the 12 months he was with them.and dad plead guilty to one of the breaks. I do not deny that there is an anger problem that both their bios possess. But I know that bipolar does not equal violence. It is more about moods and feelings; not violence.

    I feel that the doctor is trying to push me to accept that he is bipolar when I do not agree, but maybe I am being too naive. I allowed her to try the Seroquel XR to help him with his moods overall but they are not helping at all. He is still anxious and upset every morning, then once the Vyvanse kicks in he is an angel. He has been on Seroquel XR for 4 monthsat least. That is long enough to see improvement.

    Please help me understand the differences and similarities in bipolar and ADHD. I know the symptoms overlap.
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    There is a site called juvenile bipolar or something like that. These also have useful links for dealing with the sd and offering ideas about typical problems that need to be accommodated thru an IEP. The trial-and-error methiod of finding the right medication combo is somewhat typical but should have some reasoning and method behind it- IOW, it shouldn't be random or jumping around too much from one type to another. Of course all this is based on having the right diagnosis to begin with, something that I would be cautious of for a 6yo unless there is BiPolar (BP) in the family tree.