Please pray/rattle for one of husband's coworkers

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  1. susiestar

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    On the way to work this am, husband heard about a serious traffic accident. later in the am he heard that it was the daughter of one of his coworkers in the accident.

    Her heart stopped twice, once for over 20 minutes. The family may be looking at making that decision no one wants to face.

    PLEASE say prayers/rattle beads/dance the nekkid chicken dance/whatever you can for this family.

    The daughter was 14, the only child of husband's coworker. She was a serious figure skater, on her way to practice and teach a class before school started.

    She was riding to the ice rink with another teen. The driver was trying to make a left in front of an oncoming garbage truck. She didn't have time/room to make the turn. The garbage truck hit the passenger (the coworker's child) head on, in spite of efforts to stop or avoid the collision. The other teen was treated and released on site.

    PLEASE give your kids a hug tonight.
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  2. Hound dog

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    OMG how utterly horrible. Every parents worst nitemare. Sending prayers up for this family tonight and for this young girl. Prayers also for the driver as I can't even imagine the trauma she is going thru right now.
  3. WhymeMom?

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    Saying prayers for the young girl..... how sad......
  4. KTMom91

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    So sorry for the family. Sending prayers, good thoughts, crossing body parts...
  5. susiestar

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    Please don't forget the driver of the garbage truck. This may damage his job/career. And HE will also have guilt until the day he dies.
  6. mrscatinthehat

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    Wow sending prayers for all involved.

  7. witzend

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    I'm so sorry to hear that this family has to go through this.
  8. 4sumrzn

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    Sending thoughts & prayers for all of them.
  9. susiestar

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    The girl was taken off life support and passed away this morning. Please pray for the family.

    Grief counsellors are going in to husband's office the next couple of days, and the company is sending food to take care of the family through this time. I am sure they will go tot he funeral, and I will go if husband wants me to.

    A beautiful 14yo life cut short for no good reason.
  10. Hound dog

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    I couldn't even imagine being forced to make such a decision. Such an awful awful tragedy. More prayers going up for all of the families involved. :(
  11. janebrain

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    Oh, this is just horrible. I am so sorry.
  12. Shari

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    So very sorry. Sending prayers for everyone involved in this tragedy.
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    that is so sad. words can't even cover it
  15. KTMom91

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    So sorry for the family. Many prayers and hugs going out. Any update on the truck driver? Do you know how he's doing?
  16. susiestar

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    No info on the truck driver.

    The teenage driver who failed to yield (was driving the daughter to the ice rink) actually lives with the family. husband doesn't know the entire situation, but she is considered a part of their family and lives with them. She had a fender bender just a month or so ago. They are worried they may have to hospitalize her in a psychiatric hospital, she is just not coping at all (how would you cope??). So husband's coworker is severely worried about her as well as grieving for his daughter.

    husband had a rough evening. All day today he IM'd me. He worried because he insisted J go to school and she told him she hated him as she went to the bus. He was worried something would happen to her before he could tell her he loves her again.

    I had a talk with J tonight about that. Just gently asked her to write out her feelings so we could work though them - and NOT walk off with an I Hate You. She apologized to both of us, she hadn't realized how he was feeling. At 13 it can be hard to put yourself in the other persons shoes.

    Anyway, husband is going to see the grief counsellor tomorrow at work. I am very grateful that the company is bringing in a grief counsellor AND providing food for the family as well as any other services they need to get through this.

    Thanks for the prayers.