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    principal is not deliberatly dodging me!!! We emailed each other- I let her know times I would be at each phone number. She left a message yesterday at a time I said I would NOT be available but she said for me to call her. I tried to call her this morning, since she didn't try to call me between 8:00 and 9:00, which was one available time I'd given in my email. Receptionist said "hold on", then came back and said principal wasn't in her office at the moment. I left message- that over an hour ago. The principal did something like this a long time ago, then shot herself in the foot by accidentally copying me on an email about me and my son that was about "just showing me that they weren't going to back down".

    I am really hoping that she is in an iep meeting or dealing with something important because I don't want to go thru the scenario again where I've lost all faith in the sd and we are not working together.

    We have been getting along much better, but I sincerely hope that she isn't dodging me to get back at me for not signing the iep and not responding to all 15+ emails that the case manager sent me in 3 days about stuff like should difficult child be in a resource room or regular study hall. I haven't responded to things like that because we have a much bigger crisis at home right now- I can't even get difficult child to school and CM knows that.

    Sorry- little vent here!
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    If she does not respond soon go to the Board of Ed's office and sit there until you get the results you are looking for. I have had to do that a few times. It ultimately got me what I wanted.

    Good luck, let us know what happens.:)
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    That is when I would show up and tell my job I will be late. I would wait to see her and then go in and tell her what is on my mind. Adminstration does anything to avoid you when you have a problem but they make sure when your child does something wrong that they contact you. I would have more problems with the teachers and counselor and then I go straight to the adminstration.....if they did not answer my phone calls then I would be in their office the next day till they heard what I had to say and address my concerns.
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    Have you been in touch with the Director of Pupil Services for your SD? If yo are not getting anywhere with-the principal, I would definately start there.
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    Well, I need to talk to the principal herself because 1) she used to work for the state Department of Juvenile Justice and has info about resources that would be very useful in deciding where to go from here and 2) if we decide that the county "team" is a good thing to pursue, which I'm thinking it is even if I drop that pursuit next month, the referral needs to come from the school itself so she has to make it herself or direct difficult child's school cm to do it

    I'm not mad at her- she knows this- she knows I'm in an urgent situation but she doesn't know specifics yet or exactly what is driving this or why it is so critical- I really didn't want to put all that in an email that can be printed out and put in difficult child's file.

    Still, she hasn't returned my call this mmorning and I'm going to be leaving soon to go to an appointment. I emailed her again and told her I would try to call again at 3:00 unless she let me know of a time tomorrow morning that I can reach her. At least I;'m leaving that paper trail showing my efforts.