Please Welcome krsmo 3 who is struggling with her 15 year old son.


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I'm honestly in tears right now. Reading the first post which I found because I googled "turning your teen over to the state" and skimming over others, its like I could've written them myself. I've been through soo much with my now 15Yo son. Legally which I'm still paying for financially as well as the emotional toll. I've teeterd on this for some time. My son is 6'4" weighs 280lbs. He can be the sweetest boy at times but its only when everything goes his way. He's very manipulative and makes other people think he's a victim when really our family is. I know having to pay for others property damage and my own. I've been all up and through the system for his version of why I hit him (in defense). I literally had to pay the courts thousands for court fees. Which I feel were dragged out ridiculously. But every appearance equalled more money to be paid. I said in court that I couldn't handle him. They put him in a group home for a year of course I had to pay child support and I can tell you that group home =glorified daycare. There's no structure. Those people don't care about those kids disrespecting them, they're just working a shift. Needless to say, he came back worse. That was 2yrs ago. He's been through every school in the district cause he's been kicked out as well as being kicked out of opportunity school and continuation. He's defiant, he yells at us, he steals from us, he's smoking pot, he's having strangers in my house at night when I'm asleep.... I'm done. I have two other children and for years I never noticed that I was soo busy trying to keep my son from being bad by buying things praising him for doing very little all the while not giving them the attention and praise they deserved for being good kids. When my youngest said she'd have to be like him to get attention I hurt bad. Ive always felt bad for thinking of the option to give up but today I know it's the only option. I am very thankful for this website and everyone that has opened up. I swear I am even breathing a little easier now because I truly felt like a monster.

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Welcome krsmo3! I moved your post to a new one because the other thread was a few years old.

I am so glad you found our little corner of the world and at the same time sorry you needed to find us.

I'm so very sorry things are so rough right now. Please know you are a not a monster. It sounds like you have been through so much. If you could answer a few questions it might help us help you more.

Has he always been like this? Has he been diagnosed with any mental health issues by a neuro-psychologist or a child psychiatrist?

Please know you have found a soft place to land. Sending gentle hugs your way.


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It sounds like this child does not need to be in your home considering the violence! I can hear the pain in your post.

I will allow our senior peeps to make recommendations but I wish you well and am sending hugs.


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HUGS..........It is time for you to take care of YOU. If you can, change your #, turn it off, send it to silent, unfriend him on face book. If there is an emergency, you will be contacted by someone.


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Welcome. Here's a {{hug}}.
I'm thinking it's pretty much past the point where you can do anything. I am so sorry you are hurting and that things have not gone the way you hope. I agree with-pasajes4, that if there's an emergency, you'll be contacted.
Deep breath.