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    husband and I are precient chairman and vice chairman (or some such nonsense. I am so not involved in the whole process) of our polling locations and during election time we are always getting calls from various candidates. As husband works retail hours, I'm usually the one to take the calls and I always feel stupid. Most of the time, I've never heard of these people and have no idea what to ask about their ideas or platforms. The last guy who called is running for the (I think) House and is based 2 hours south of me. I have no clue who he is or even who his opponent is. No idea what their stances are on anything. This particular person didn't ask me if I had any questions but what do I say when they do? I can't very well say that I've never heard of them. I hate politics! LOL Which isn't a good thing as husband wants to run for some type of office in the next couple of years. Good Lord.......I'm going to have to behave myself around town! :rolleyes:
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    Sorry, but I've just gotta ask.....

    If you hate politics so much why are you a chairman at the polls?? Does husband know you dislike it this much? I'm thinking it might not be a wise career move for him with how you feel.

    I don't like it either. I do try to learn about major candidates as much as possible, but our local politics are more involved and tougher to sort out. I usually end up forgetting who is who and coming out of the booth grumbling under my breath. lol
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    It's not that I HATE politics, it's just that everyone seems to be about the same to me. And locally, it's very, very cliquey. I don't do cliques. And as for the vice chairman thing.........I don't have to do anything. It's basically on paper.

    husband knows I dislike politics and knows I'll be grumbling the whole time he's running and in office if he gets it. I think he'll do a good job though. I just don't want to have to play the game, you know?
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    Well.........as my Dad used to say "grab the bull by the horns".

    If you receive calls and candidates ask if you have any questions, I would suggest that you ask them to fax or mail information to you about their positions on the major issues. I'm not sure in politics if they still use the term "declaration on positions" (I rather doubt it..lol.) but if you ask for
    information to be sent............you're off the hook AND you may learn something about the specific issues and the candidates.

    Good luck. DDD
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    What issues are dear to YOUR heart?

    Ask him what his stand is on mental health reform.
    Ask him what his stand is on health care reform.
    Education reform - ask him where your state stands statistically on the number of children who are graduating with mental health problems.
    Is he a member of any grass-roots campains
    What sub - committees is he currently on? Why? Why are THOSE issues important to him.

    Ask him what his take is on local issues - that need attention -
    If he's running for a house seat - ask him to have someone from his headquarters fax over any information on why people should vote for him
    Does he have free signs and bumperstickers
    WHY should we vote for you?
    What religion are you?
    What church do you attend?
    How long have you been married?
    WHere did you graduate from?
    How many children do you have/
    THen give him a scenario about something that has happened regarding your kids and mental health that was unfair and ask him how he would change things if he got your vote.

    When you are done grilling him - hand him some Aloe.