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As you all know difficult child acted out the other day regarding his home school obligation and as a result, husband told me that he didn't want to hear about him again. husband did resume speaking to me the next day but has acted like he never said anything. I have been real good about not mentioning difficult child to husband at all these past few days.

Wed & Thurs, difficult child did not do the required pages in his math as he needed some help-each nite, he came home early, listened to my attempts to explain the work and completed his required pages for the day--this is major! This morning, I had to leave early to take a MS Mortgage Law class (boring-like watching paint dry) and was not at home to prod him to get up when his alarm rang to get up and go to his testing sessions. He got up on his own, went to the home school center and tested on 4 subjects. Not only did he do this, he passed each one of them! He passed 3 of them with scores of 100 and the English which he rufused to go to tutoring for Tuesday, as he was convinced he would fail, he passed with a score of 80-another major stride!

I told husband today, that although he didn't want to hear about difficult child, he was gonna hear this as it was positive. He then said he really didn't mean what he said but that he gets so frustrated when he hears negative things that he sometimes just blows. I told him that when I report negatives to him that I am just looking for support. He acknowledged this and all is well with us. When he met difficult child at gas pump to fill his tank today, difficult child called me and told me that husband told him he was proud of what he did today-so all is well there too. I knew it would work itself out-I just needed to vent the other day and I thank all who replied with such words of wisdom.



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<font color="blue">robyn, what an accomplishment for difficult child!!! i think i'd make a celebratory dinner or bake him his favorite cake lol.

glad you & husband are in a better space.

kris :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: </font>


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...and I am especially happy for you that husband acknowledges how tough the situation is. That is the first step toward coming together and presenting a united front to the difficult child, I think.

I was happy to hear that difficult child thought enough of husband that he would call you and tell you husband said he was proud of him.

You are right, amstrong!

A very positive posting!




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That is awesome. Sounds like you should not be around some more mornings when he needs to get up by his own alarm clock. I know my difficult child used to need to be dragged out of bed and never got up to his own alarm when he lived home. Now that he's out on his own, he has no problem with it. I think they know when we are here we will make sure they get up, so they learn to rely on that, rather then taking the responsibility to get themselves up.

Hopefully all this continues and I'm glad you and husband worked things out.


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Robyn, I know the struggles you face with husband and difficult child.
My husband of 7 yrs has no children of his own either and I know your feelings when dealing with difficult child.
I go from making a united front with husband, to feeling like I have to take up for difficult child.
Then, deep inside I wonder what husband really thinks of this stepson I raised by myself until we married. He would just as soon not see difficult child anymore, I think in part because he sees the pain he causes me and easy child. I am constantly reminding him that I do have uncondtional love for difficult child regardless of what he has done, he is my son.
I am glad your difficult child shared with you what husband said. I know it makes your day when husband and difficult child can get along.
I wish you many more days like that one :smile:


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Thanks for sharing this accomplishment!! We all need to hear about success. We all know these kids are smart...... their behavior is the problem. All through B's school years I used to say "The only thing he is consistent in are his inconsistencies." So celebrate the good and survive the rest. Congrats!!