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    :( Hello everyone. It has been a few months since I have posted (my difficult child has ADHD and sensory intergration disorder). His behavior has been awesome this year with a strong IEP and a great teacher. She connects with him and that makes a difference.

    Unfortunately, last school year is affecting now. He is in the second grade now, but is 1 year behind academically.

    Last school year was a disaster! We moved to a different state in the middle of the school year. My difficult child was not officially diagnosed until near the end of last school year. His behavior was alot worse. Its seems that he spent more time in the principals office or suspended. Thus the result is what we have now.

    This possible retention is not sudden. My husband and I have known for a few weeks. Everyone is trying and working hard to get him caught up.

    Has anyone else dealt with this? What did you do? Any advice is appreciated. TIA
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    Gosh, I don't what state you're in but here in California, we hardly ever retain anyone of any reason, even when the parents want us to (I'm in the business). My difficult grandson's behaviors are finally affecting him academically, especially in math and any type of anything where cooperative work, projects, etc. are necessary. Can you try online game learning sites (Starfall, etc.), iPad apps? After school learning centers? If he's a young first grader, retention might be less of "thing" than if he's one of the oldest kids in the class. I don't know. Maybe with some extra help and input, he'll put the pieces together and make a jump to close to where he's supposed to be.
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    I teach and we rarely retain students. I never have and don't really believe in it. That being said, he is younger so if it is going to happen it is better it happens while he is younger.

    Would some tutoring over the summer help?
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    They never do that here. The school would provide extra tutoring, pull-out help, remedial class work, for 2 to 3 years, to enable the student to catch up and be with their peers.

    Unless the student is extremely young for his grade, being held back will make him the oldest in his class for the rest of his school days, and that has a lot of disadvantages. It isn't like this child is extremely disabled - ADHD and sensory integration problems can be overcome.

    If for whatever reason he DOES get held back, you may need to change schools. Otherwise, he is likely to be bullied, shunned, and otherwise made miserable for "being a failure". It doesn't matter what the teachers and principal say... kids are cruel.
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    I held two of my kids back due to them being very young and nothing bad came of that. However, I did that before kindergarten so nobody really knew or cared. I'm sorry I didn't hold my youngest back a year as she struggled a lot and did have problems that seemed to be better the next year...always...but it is what it is. She wasn't held back and I would not have done that once she had started school.