PPT scheduled for tomorrow- guidance?


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Ok warrior moms and dads- I could use any guidance you have!

Tomorrow we have a PPT meeting with the SD to schedule the Special Education testing to make sure difficult child 1 doesn't have any Learning Disability (LD)'s that are contributing to his ODD meltdowns at school (often writting assignments trigger him, though when he actually sits down and commits to doing it, he has no problems).

He currently has a 504 Plan that has been in place since he started school back in Kindergarten 4 years ago (he's now in 2nd grade) to cover any behavior mods in the classroom and to allow him to work with the school SW.

I don't really know the rules and rights or where to find that information. I only know something about that they have 45 days to do this testing or to schedule this testing or something about 45 days, but I know nothing about what tests they will and will not do and yadda, yadda, yadda. And I know that they've told me a neuropsychologist test is a slim possibility *IF* all of their testing comes up normal and they want to continue to look for a cause. (and yes, I asked the psychiatric hospital psychiatrist and SW do schedule or refer him for a neuropsychologist test and they both refused).

So, if you can point me in the direction of some easy to follow info or just give me some basics I should know before I walk into the meeting tomorrow, that would be great!


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this ? has been answered often(including my post) and you can find the answer in any old post about IEP. look in the archives.

if you don't want to do that go to ed.gov then search iep. since some states have different timelines that are shorter than the fed req i would search for advocate agencies in your area and talk to someone there. that is what i did after the great info i received here.

just a suggestion to the mods here. can you 'stick' a thread of all this basic IEP info to the top of this forum so it is easily found by the newbies?


I'd do a parent referral letter. That way, you ask for a complete evaluation in conjunction with IDEA regs and if sd team members want to refuse it, they have to show cause why an evaluation that conforms to IDEA regs is not warranted.

Carry your copy of the letter with you. Have someone sign as receiving the letter.


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There's a getting started thread in the Sp Ed Archives. It will give you an overview of your's and your child's educational rights.