Prayers for local family

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by everywoman, May 29, 2007.

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    Our high school graduation is set for Thursday at 5. Today we got word that one of our more popular senior boys---Mr. Homecoming, just signed to play college football---lost his mother this morning. She was only 47. Apparently they went to Baachalareate (spelling) yesterday, went out to dinner, she went to bed and never woke up this morning. It's so tragic. Her funeral will be Thursday at 11:00. Please keep this family in your thoughts. This should have been one of the happiest times of their lives.
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    Sending good thoughts - what a terrible thing to happen to this family. Anytime is bad, but it seems more tragic when it is around special times. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, proms, etc. Just seems to affect more people that way.
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    Saying prayers for the family....