Protecting myself/Contact with "Narcis-sister"

New Leaf

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Hi everybody, I have learned a lot from reading the recent threads on the narcissistic continuum, very interesting material.
I know that most folks posting have, little or no contact, and for good reason.
My dilemma, is that I do still have contact, and will until my mom's time comes, to honor her wish for us to "be a family", to "get along."
I do love my sister, but have seen that she has been damaging still, in our relationship.

I found this article to be interesting, and helpful.
I do not agree with the part on "ego stroking", because I do not want to become a manipulative person myself.

I do think it will help to educate myself further on the topic, and to strengthen and embrace my inner child, all tools that will help me with future contact.
I think that I need to keep our conversations really simple, the same as with my two d cs. Otherwise, I am drawn into a web, I want no part of.

Thank you all for your posts and your work on FOO. It has really helped me sort through my history.
Now to concentrate on being present.