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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by JJJ, Jul 18, 2011.

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    The little difficult child-Cub in my new pack that refused to do everything at our first meeting (actually, I was able to cajole him into 1 sit-up, 1 push-up and a square knot :) ) came over today. Tigger is the Patrol Leader for the scout trrop so I told him that one of his jobs was helping the younger boys. Today's task was for the younger boy to tell me what the ratings mean on video games and why they are important (He said so no one gets a 3-yr old "Resident Evil" for their birthday.) Then Tigger had to teach him a Wii game that the other boy had never played before. There was a little mini-meltdown when one of the controllers stopped working but Tigger fixed it and they moved on. The other boy didn't want to leave when it was over :)

    So, our most resistent difficult child is the first one to earn an award.....the Belt Loop for Video Games. (perfect :) )
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    JJJ I think this is so awesome that you are doing this!

    I have tried to get Wee in scouts here and no one will ever return my calls. I don't know if they are that lax about it, or they know him and don't want him.

    He'd be the one who sat in the corner and watched and refused to do anything! lol
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    That's great! I'm especially impressed with Tigger... it's not easy being the leader when you're also a difficult child. Just goes to show: there's room for everyone in the pack!
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    Good for you to be a part of Scouts.
    Wonderful that your son is a leader too and is helping the younger ones.

    I wish I had gotten my boys into Scouts...we were always very involved with sports instead.