psychiatric hospital Admit #2


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Yup...yesterday was the day.

It started out with him refusing to go to school, and then when I trying to talk to him and reason with him and he saw me start to cry, he threw his arms up in the air and said, "FINE! I'll go to school....but just this ONCE! Go get me clothes!" So, I got him clothes and after a few more mini meltdowns, he went to school 40 minutes late.

Then, after only being in school for about 10 minutes or so, he told the Social Worker he was tired and he went to the nurses office and fell asleep and slept for most of the day (it was his first day back with the Zyprexa in the AM)....woke up...was angry....went back to sleep....and then they woke him up for lunch....he ate lunch....went outside for recess...and I guess got into a tiff with some kids over the rules of Tag (not yet clear on if that was his trigger or not). Then he came into the classroom and whatever his trigger was, he went into meltdown disrupting the class and banging his head on the desk. They had to clear the classroom out and they called me to come pick him up early.

When I got there, I ended up having to restrain him because he wouldn't leave school and started banging his head on the desk again and pulling his hair and it just kept escalating and because we couldn't keep him safe and get him out of the school, we had to call 911. By the time the police got there, I was beat up and physically exhausted.

So...he's now back in the psychiatric hospital. Now another set of ears (the person doing the in-take interview) got to hear about the "I see the future" stuff and the new suicidal feelings. So, we'll see if they pull the Adderall very quickly. As far as I'm concerned, they can pull the Zyprexa's been worthless.

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I'm sorry for the exhausting day - I'm sorry that difficult child is so very unstable that he needs hospitalization again. However, I'm "glad" that the need has been recognized & difficult child is in a safe setting.

Hoping this time around a true evaluation can be completed & medications balanced for difficult child.


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Got a call from the SW at the psychiatric hospital...can you believe after his rapid spiral into crisis that their medication plan is to just swap out the Zyprexa for Seroquel and LEAVE THE ADDERALL?!? HELLO?! Since Friday he's suddenly made a suicidal threat and says he can "see the future" when he blinks his eyes....and you're going to LEAVE the stimulant you just added? I swear. I don't think they're seeing the big picture here. I think they're seeing the "I can see the future" thing as an anxiety comment and not a visual hallucination and perhaps the suicidal "I want to kill myself" as an attention getting measure and not a true feeling.

I have a meeting with the SW tomorrow afternoon. They might have to put *ME* in the "quiet room" because this is just ridiculous. They're not doing any sort of psychiatric or neuropsychologist testing, no evaluation...they're just pulling medications out of their a$$es hoping something will work enough so they can send him home again and I'm sick of it. They need to HELP him.


Alison, is there a patient advocate or caseworker at the hospital you could talk to? Can you arrange for the psychiatrist to call you directly? Can you refuse to give permission for him to be given Adderall?

Stimulants like Adderall treat ADHD, period. If he doesn't have ADHD, I don't understand why they're keeping him on it. Stimulants can definitely make kids with other disorders like anxiety and bipolar disorder worse. They can cause mood swings and hallucinations. It sounds as if Adderall has revved your difficult child up instead of calmed him down.

in my humble opinion, you need to get on the phone or go down to the psychiatric hospital until someone will listen to you.


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The only comfort I have at this point is that *at least* he's safe and in the psychiatric hospital now. Once we got out of the ER and he was settled in his room up in the Childrens psychiatric unit, I could just see the sense of safety and relaxation in his body. He was so much more comfortable being there...he was actually pretty excited to be there...he knew the routine, what to expect, and saw some familiar faces. So, if they're not going to take my word for it, at least maybe they'll get to hear/witness it firsthand and he'll be safe.

Last time, it took the psychiatrist about a full 1 1/2 days to return my phone call. They don't give me her direct line or even a voicemail...only the unit's main phone number.


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I am so sorry! I can't believe that they are keeping the stimulant, and that they are not have a meeting with you before the medication changes to hear what you have to say, and that you can't talk directly with the psychiatrist or it takes so long if you can, and that they will not do any testing or evaluations!!! Everything that is happening to you is that exact opposite of what I experienced at 2 phosps~!

It sounds like smallworld is right. You need to ask for a hospital advocate and see if they have someone who can help you. He needs an evaluation...testing. You should be able to talk to the psychiatrist just be requesting it. They should be having meetins with you to discuss that they are thinking and getting approval on medication changes. This is not right!!! I guess I am mad for you, because we had such a different experience.

If it were me...well, they would keep hearing from me until I got some answers, and I got to talk to who I needed to, and I got someone to listen and set up testing and an evaluation.

I am sending you some good luck!!!

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I'm sorry he is struggling so much right now. I agree an advocate is a good idea. I understand the relaxed feeling-my difficult child had that for his second stay too. I hope this stay will be a helpful one. Please take care of you at this too. Hugs.